Marvelous May Style Challenge: Days 1-7

I cannot believe the first week of May is already over! I am having such a fun time with everyone who is participating in this month’s challenge. I look at the pictures every day and try to find one that I want to post along with mine.  Confession: I would post them all but it’s just not possible! I love all of the effort that so many people are putting into this challenge and it just makes every day more fun to get dressed than the last!

I decided I will recap one week at a time.  I will be choosing one look that stood out to me and I will feature it with mine for each day. There are no rules to this challenge on Instagram; however, in order to be featured on the blog, you do have to be following me on Instagram and you do need to repost the challenge to your feed. I also cannot see your pictures that you post if you are private-so, if you would like all of us to see the awesome outfits you come up with, you will have to have a public profile. I just want to make sure you all know how that works!

Now let’s get started!

Day 1- Make a Statement- I find that you can make a statement with your clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. every day.  It doesn’t have to be a bold statement; it can just be a statement that you enjoy getting dressed and accessorized for the day even! For this day, I chose to wear a favorite floral print pencil skirt, a striped top and a leopard print belt. Of course, I blinged it out with a statement jewelry and some shiny shoes!

I chose @ninasoleill for my feature for this day.  I loved everything about her outfit! From the blingy tee to the statement necklace to the skirt and heels, I am sure she made a statement that day wherever she went!

Day 2- Safari Chic- I am not sure why I chose to do this theme except for the fact that I knew a lot of people had an olive vest from last year or some kind of olive surplus jacket or something they could wear to pull this off. I chose to wear my vest over some jeans and a striped tee with one of my all time favorite statement necklaces from J Crew. I also wore leopard print shoes because when you are on safari, don’t you see leopards and wear vests and carry great bags? I will admit this was a pretty fun theme for the day and I saw a lot of cute outfits!

I chose @mrslaneylou for my feature this day. I loved all of the animal prints as well as her cute vest and tassel necklace.  A woman after my own heart! It wasn’t until I saw her second picture that I knew she should be my girl for that day- sunglasses even to match! Awesome!

Day 3- Graphic tees, please!- I know everyone pretty much has a graphic tee so I didn’t think this would be too difficult! I love seeing all of the printed tees and statement tees that everyone had on! It was still a little cooler this day so I chose to wear one of my favorite floral graphic tees and paired it with olive jeans and threw a jean jacket over it.  This look was fun and casual for a Saturday!

I had a second look for dinner this day. I thought I would break out the Little Black Tee again and paired it with a jacket and some printed pants. 

I chose @revampinstyle to be featured this day. I thought her look was fun and she made her tee herself! I am a sucker for anyone who does DIY stuff because I also love to craft and never seem to find the time to do it! I loved the way that she paired that gorgeous statement necklace with it and just her whole ensemble was fun!

Day 4- May Florals- I could wear florals almost every day since I love them so much! Why not have great vibrant prints for the spring and summer? This jacket did it for me and I wanted to be a little more casual so I also paired it with jeans and flats for church. Check out my last Sunday Style post for all of the details.

I knew I had to choose my friend Amanda @twinklelilstyle for this day’s feature.  She got this great floral jacket a little bit ago and I loved it when I saw it! I thought it was great that she chose it for this day as well. Great minds think alike! Both of us went for the more casual look with floral blazers and jeans!

Day 5- Mexican Fiesta- if you are local, you know that this is also the name of my favorite Mexican restaurant! I thought everyone could wear brighter colors and get in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo or just have fun getting dressed that day if you don’t celebrate! I wore a bright cardigan over a pineapple tee and some jeans for a casual look.

I chose @doingdivaonadime to feature this day because I thought her look was gorgeous! I thought her look was fun and she even added a prop with the fan!

Day 6- Neon Nancy- Does anyone else remember how neon was so popular in the early 90’s? I am loving this trend right now and I don’t waste any opportunity to wear these great pants from Land’s End. I love the color of the pants and I was thrilled to find this tee (also from Land’s End) a couple of weeks ago that I was looking for! This print is so fun and matches everything for the spring and summer!

I chose @connecti_cate to feature because it was as if she took a page right from my playbook with her neon pants! I also love her shirt and thought the whole outfit went together beautifully! This day was so difficult to pick one look! I think it was partly because I love neon and partly because I think everyone else does too! You could tell that everyone looked so happy in their pictures! I always say it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you are wearing bright colors!

Day 7- Pinterest-Inspired- you guys know that I love Pinterest and wish I had more hours in the day to browse it.  Sadly, I do not but sometimes I do take a few minutes and look for ideas for outfits. I wore pink and cobalt together on this day after seeing a picture on Pinterest with these colors.  I bought these pink pants at Kohls last summer and I wore them a lot! I think I did more solids with them last year so I was happy to find another suggestion to wear with them.  I had a lot of fun with the seahorse tee and it was a little chilly so I added the jean jacket as an extra layer of warmth,

There were so many fabulous outfits to choose from on this day! I chose to feature @emilyagosta because I cannot get over the fact that she even got this girl’s pose down to a tee! Nailed it! What a fun day!

Well, those are the looks for the first week of the Marvelous May Style Challenge! Remember to use the hashtag #marvelousmaystyle to have your pictures in the group. Thank you to everyone who is participating and having fun with us! I am looking forward to the next week and seeing all of your outfits!



  1. I just found your blog thru instagram, and I am loving the marvelous may Challenge after a massive closet cleanout I am trying to wear it all (#wearitallfrommycloset) and this gives me ideas


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