Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bright Colors

I love wearing bright colors so, of course, for today’s Style Me February challenge, colors that make my eyes pop, I went for the brights.  I just happen to be wearing the brights on my legs though today.  Coincidentally, black and blues also make my eyes pop since I have hazel eyes and can wear a lot of colors!

Yellow pants! It’s a risk to wear yellow pants, I think, but yellow makes me happy.  Yellow makes me happy while doing my mundane tasks at work and doing my regular work around the house. Yellow is one of those colors that restaurants use to make their patrons happy so they order more food and drinks too! If you look at advertising, you may also see a lot of yellow since it is a bright color and commands attention.

These yellow pants from Lands End are so versatile! These happen to be more ankle length, but since its cold, I am able to wear boots over them.  I love that they are ankle, because when it warms up a bit, I will be able to wear flats with them as well.  Since I have short legs, it helps that I don’t have to have these hemmed up!

Today, I am wearing my houndstooth sweater from Kohl’s and pairing an Old Navy chambray shirt underneath so it breaks up the colors a bit and I don’t look like a bumblebee! I am also wearing the Technicolor statement necklace so it really ties in the bright colors with the black and white.  The sweater also is special with the zippers on the sides which makes it more fun! I am also carrying this fantastic bright green Jessica Simpson bag that I found at Nordstrom Rack last year and wearing black boots from DSW.

Here are some pics of the full outfit today:

Don’t let the bright sun in these pictures fool you. We had another snow storm last night and another day off of school today! I enjoyed my four day weekend immensely and took some time off just for me.  I feel better and more relaxed and was ready to come back today.  Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself! I hope you all are having a fantastic day!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Style: Red, Spots and a Bow

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so that I don't have to wear boots anymore! I feel like this year I have worn boots more in the winter than in quite a few years. I was watching the news yesterday and they said that so far our average temperature in 2014 has been 16 degrees. 16! That's without the wind chill too. Sorry for my ranting but as you can tell, I'm ready for spring! I'm also having a hard time getting inspired lately with my outfits. Even with the couple of challenges that I have been trying, I have just felt so uninspired. I really need some sun and some color in my life to get me back on track! 

My husband bought this sweater and top for me on New Years Eve when we did some last minute shopping before the start of my 2014 Closet Remix Challenge. By the way, most of the items I bought, I returned because I didn't really need them or want them. I bought them more on an impulse. 

Anyways, this look is from Banana Republic and the boots are old from Sears. I love the spots on the sweater- it looks kind of like a cheetah or leopard print and if you look closely, some of them are even a little heart-shaped! I also love the bow on the top and it reminds me a little of a Kate Spade bow on a great bag. I wore my pearls, bracelet, and some earrings for the finishing touches and I am carrying my big Phillip Lim for Target tote. 

I love this outfit and am thinking about taking it with me to Charlotte next week for work. I think I'll take some cute nude heels instead though since the weather(hopefully!) will be nice. 

Here's some pics of today's outfit:

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Pinterest Thursday

I think this is the third post that I have done on a Thursday and linked up with my friend Heather over at her blog, Style Journey. It's really a fun thing to do and it is so unique! Because I am so new at blogging still, it's also really fun to link up with other bloggers who also link up to the Style Journey blog. 

For this week's Pinterest-inspired look, I already had an idea of what I wanted to wear but wasn't quite sure. When I looked on Pinterest, I was able to find something that I wanted to recreate. I wanted to wear my J Crew Tilda shirt again and when I saw it paired with the sweatshirt, I knew I could do a similar look with my sweatshirt from Kohls. I also love that she is wearing black jeans and booties and carrying a Phillip Lim for Target bag. A girl after my own heart! 

Here's the look I found on Pinterest and can be found at Manual for a Stylish Life.

Here's my look that I created with a different color of shirt and a similar sweatshirt:

Here's some more pics of the full outfit:

I've also got my black Phillip Lim for Target bag (a different style and slightly larger) and the jeans and booties are from Kohls. I think I would pair my leopard clutch and high heel boots with this if I was going out. 

This was such a fun and easy outfit! A lot of sparkle helps the day to go by faster! Bonus: it's a four day weekend for me! 

Enjoy the rest of your day! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Forty Before Forty: A Cooking Class and Some Macarons

Mmmmm macarons! I love these light fluffy cookies! Not coconut macaroons either- just macarons. These are two totally different cookies. 

Now I can cross off two more items from my list! I wanted to order some macarons and enjoy them and I wanted to take a cooking class. I decided to kill two birds with one stone when a cooking class came up to make Valentines Macarons at Sur La Table. My husband bought me the class for a Valentines Day present because he thought I would enjoy going. 

The benefit of taking a class is really to learn the technique and be able to make them yourself. The last time I had a macaron was at a bakery in downtown Charlotte last year as they are not super plentiful around here. I would have really had to order them online and have them shipped to me and it would have probably cost close to the same! It looked like there were a couple of couples in the class as well as a couple of small groups of ladies. I took the class by myself and let's face it, everything is better with a friend. I got the space right by the counter so I was able to talk to the chef and ask questions and watch closely and carefully. It probably would have been more fun though if I would have known someone. Knowing me though, I might not have paid as much attention though since I probably would have been talking or laughing too much! 

The chef was very knowledgable and does this full time for a living at a bakery. She knew what she was doing and was very patient when people asked questions. If you have never made macarons yourself, you might not realize how time-consuming it is to make them. She made the suggestion of making the shells or cookies one day and making the fillings another day. The cookies take the longest and they have to be just right during the mixing and baking. It was a lot of fun but was a lot of work! 

The flavors we made were strawberry and champagne buttercream, chocolate with salted caramel, and hazelnut with chocolate ganache. I'm already thinking of other flavors or other combinations too! 

Here are some random pictures from the class:

Recipe packet and 10% off coupon- Bonus! 

Chef Marissa

The tray that Chef Marissa made- they look super neat and pretty! 

Trays and trays of cookies waiting to be baked! 

Getting ready to mix up ingredients for the champagne buttercream

Here I am holding a pan of the finished product! 

Overall this was a fun experience! I'm glad that I got to learn how to make these myself and will have to get started on it! In the meantime, I will enjoy one or two of them myself. 

Happy Valentines Day! 

X O X O Sandae

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Style: Little Black Wrap Dress (Four Ways!)

I am pretty sure that most women own a little black dress. A black dress is so easy to dress up or dress down and I thought I would give you all some ideas today. I'm upping the ante and showing outfits with a wrap dress because they are fun and so figure-flattering! I found this wrap dress on the clearance rack at Old Navy probably a year or two ago. The tag said $6.99 on it so I either paid that or probably even less knowing me! 

The first look is a great look for a date night or night out. The dress itself is a blank canvas so I dressed it up with a beautiful statement necklace, polka dot tights and high heels with bows for Kohls. These shoes were a steal compared to their look alikes from a Kate Spade. I'm also carrying a bright orange clutch for a pop of color! I found this clutch at Goodwill! 

The second look is also still a bit more dressed up and how I would wear it to work. I have pearls on and a bright green bracelet. The bright green bracelet satisfies my need for some color in every outfit. The color blocked heels are Unisa that I found from Goodwill. These were such a steal and are in perfect condition! I'm carrying my favorite Phillip Lim for Target black purse. I think this look is functional and looks professional. 

Now to dress it down and get casual! Here's how I layered up this dress for the cold weather. I'm wearing my favorites in one outfit! The Zara plaid blanket scarf, a tassel necklace, my J Crew herringbone vest and riding boots. I'm even carrying my favorite cognac bag from Target. This outfit was warm and functional in the cold weather that we have been having. 

The last look is a casual one for when Spring finally decides to get here. I put a fun striped infinity scarf over the dress and paired it with bright blue shoes from JCrew Factory. I'm also carrying my favorite Phillip Lim for Target tote. This tote is awesome for work or play because it's so large, you can literally put everything in it! This is a great and easy fun look for someone on the go! 

There you have it! A few ideas of how to wear a figure- friendly wrap dress! Wrap dresses are literally great for every body type because of the waist-defining style. A wrap dress can be worn dressed up or dressed down and can be found in all price ranges. Do you have a wrap dress? Have you tried wearing the different ways? Will you wear it differently now? 

Happy Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pinned It and Did It Thursday

A few weeks ago I did a post about Pinterest and how it inspired me to create an outfit. I'm doing another Pinterest inspired outfit today but I also was inspired for the pieces to come together while on Instagram last week. I saw a picture of my IG friend @rayannlacasse who also has a blog Four Season Fabulous and coincidentally, is from my area as well!

I love the look of leopard and sparkle and a bright color! I love leopard especially with red or orange. I think the look can be both classic and fun! I was inspired by the colors in this pin below from :

I decided to copy my friend and pair a leopard cardigan from Target with a dress from Old Navy that I originally wore last summer (come to think of it, it was September on my birthday.) Anyways, living in Michigan and in the snow, you have to be able to "winterize" your clothing so that you can wear it more than in the summer. I'm also throwing an Old Navy chambray shirt underneath for another layer and more warmth since it is so cold today! I'm wearing my gold bow belt from Target and my beautiful necklace from Very Jane. For even more warmth, I am wearing my trusty old boots from DSW today! Also making an appearance is this beautiful cognac bag from Target. 

Here's some pictures of today's outfit:

Yes! I am high-giving myself on how easy this was! 

Here's a picture of how I wore this last year when it was warmer:

I love all of the inspiration that I am receiving from both Pinterest and Instagram! I am also linking up with my friend Heather over at Style Journey for her Pinned it and Did It weekly blog. Hope you check out both of these ladies' blogs for even more inspiration! 

Happy Friday Eve! 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Forty Before Forty: Gun Range

If you've been following the blog since the beginning, I talked about things that I have on a list to accomplish before I am forty. I turn forty in September so I have plenty of time to accomplish everything, right? Ha! I can't believe we are already into February so I really have to get on the move! 

One item I thought would be fun to do was shoot a gun at the gun range. My list consists of items I have never done, am scared to do or just maybe haven't done in a while and want to do it again. I also have a few personal items on there like finishing a scrapbook, etc. 

Anyways, one of the best ways to try something new is to use a discount coupon service like Groupon or Living Social. I bought a Groupon for two people at the gun range and my husband took me. We spent an hour and took turns shooting the ammo they gave us. 

My husband has shot before at the fun range and goes hunting as well. I'm more terrified of guns and really needed to get over that fear. Once I did, I found it to be fun and even a good stress reliever. He loaded the gun for me and got it ready and I shot it. Because we used a gun that was there, I thought it to be a little clunky and not really a great fit for me. Don't even ask me what kind it was because I have already forgotten. Anyways, I think one that was a little more light weight would be good for me and not a lot of kickback would be a bonus. 

Here's a picture of me after shooting: 

No pics allowed while shooting so this was the best I could get. Don't I look awesome in my protective gear? I did pretty good too for my first time! I still have an earache this morning too so I think I should have worn earplugs and the earmuff things. Oh well. 

We had a great date and stopped for a coffee on the way home. Perfect evening! 

Any other suggestions for items I should do? I always have room on my list! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me. 


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Style: Peplum and a Little Bit of Everything Else

I'm not quite sure what to call today's Sunday Style outfit. Hence the name of the post. I am of course shopping in my closet and trying to follow along with two style challenges on Instagram this month. The Momomod challenge is a little more generic and allows for me to interpret as I wish. The Style Me February challenge is more specific. The Momomod challenge yesterday was patterned tights and today was a peplum so I knew I would combine the two for today. The Style Me February challenge was fur or animal print so I belted the peplum with a leopard belt. 

I paired the peplum with a long sleeve polka dot shirt since it is so cold here. I wore it over my lace skirt that I bought forever ago at Macys for such a steal. I wore the polka dot tights then and wore bow heels and carried my black Phillip Lim for Target bag. I also topped it all off with a statement necklace that is colorful. All in all I think I did a good job in interpreting the challenges and making this outfit my own. Bonus: a random old man at church today told me I looked nice. I guess I did okay. 

Here's some pictures of today's outfit and the details: 

Here's a picture of the first time I wore this outfit last summer. See I how I made it appropriate for cooler weather? 

Hope you all are having a great Sunday! 


Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 Closet Remix Challenge: January Recap

Well, February is upon us and I thought I would share how the month of January went for me. I am happy to say that I didn't spend anything! I didn't cheat and use any gift cards or anything. I even went to the mall a couple of times to return items and I didn't exchange. 

Here's a picture of my log I am keeping: 

I decided to keep a log each month and each day of my purchases. This helps to keep me accountable as well as acts as a visual so I can see how much I am actually spending. Those trips to Target in the past usually resulted in picking up unnecessary items and I didn't really keep track of how much I spent!  I also use the same book to write down all of my bills and due dates and highlight them as they are paid. This is better for me to see and be organized! 

January was a great month in doing this challenge. It was helpful to follow the Momomod challenge and shop from my closet! I will tell you that I only filled up my car twice with gas. I wasn't running around to all of the stores and malls and really didn't need to fill up more. I also managed to put more money in savings each week. This is especially important and a big one for me because it was more sporadic before than I would have liked. 

On top of the financial goals that were achieved, I also managed to cross a couple more things off of my list to do before I am forty. (That will have to be in a different post). I also read two books, went to a couple of movies, watched some movies at home, worked on my scrapbook, wrote numerous blog posts, and cooked almost every night. The last one is a big one for me because my family likes to go out and eat! 

I also unsubscribed from most of the emails that I was receiving so I would not be tempted. In addition, I set a goal of no social media after 8pm. This helps me to spend more time with my family and get stuff done around the house. I also started back in the gym on my running. I need to get going on this as I have my sights set on a 10k this year! 

I have to tell you that this exercise has been such a help for me. I took it and ran with it! I also want to say that I have been bitten lately by the thrifting bug and may get out there this month and try to get some good deals. I'm more aware now though of what I need and want and have made a list of items that I want. I also will use gift cards and poshmark money to help me buy the items I want. I will try not to spend much more than that this year. 

The possibility is there that I will fail at some point. I will have a day that I want to shop and I will. There will be new Target collections coming out or new dresses at Loft or clearance or thrifted items that will look awesome. However, I will look at my purchases with more responsibility and purpose than before. I will ask questions like How can I wear this? How many times can I wear this? Where will I wear this? Do I love it? - That will not be a failure- it will be a purchase that was worth it. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!