Bright Colors

I love wearing bright colors so, of course, for today’s Style Me February challenge, colors that make my eyes pop, I went for the brights.  I just happen to be wearing the brights on my legs though today.  Coincidentally, black and blues also make my eyes pop since I have hazel eyes and can wear a lot of colors!

Yellow pants! It’s a risk to wear yellow pants, I think, but yellow makes me happy.  Yellow makes me happy while doing my mundane tasks at work and doing my regular work around the house. Yellow is one of those colors that restaurants use to make their patrons happy so they order more food and drinks too! If you look at advertising, you may also see a lot of yellow since it is a bright color and commands attention.

These yellow pants from Lands End are so versatile! These happen to be more ankle length, but since its cold, I am able to wear boots over them.  I love that they are ankle, because when it warms up a bit, I will be able to wear flats with them as well.  Since I have short legs, it helps that I don’t have to have these hemmed up!

Today, I am wearing my houndstooth sweater from Kohl’s and pairing an Old Navy chambray shirt underneath so it breaks up the colors a bit and I don’t look like a bumblebee! I am also wearing the Technicolor statement necklace so it really ties in the bright colors with the black and white.  The sweater also is special with the zippers on the sides which makes it more fun! I am also carrying this fantastic bright green Jessica Simpson bag that I found at Nordstrom Rack last year and wearing black boots from DSW.

Here are some pics of the full outfit today:

Don’t let the bright sun in these pictures fool you. We had another snow storm last night and another day off of school today! I enjoyed my four day weekend immensely and took some time off just for me.  I feel better and more relaxed and was ready to come back today.  Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself! I hope you all are having a fantastic day!



  1. I love the bright colors! So fun and cheery!

  2. I love hounds tooth and looks great with mustard
    Never thought of that combo, now I will have to try it


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