Sunday Style: Red, Spots and a Bow

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so that I don't have to wear boots anymore! I feel like this year I have worn boots more in the winter than in quite a few years. I was watching the news yesterday and they said that so far our average temperature in 2014 has been 16 degrees. 16! That's without the wind chill too. Sorry for my ranting but as you can tell, I'm ready for spring! I'm also having a hard time getting inspired lately with my outfits. Even with the couple of challenges that I have been trying, I have just felt so uninspired. I really need some sun and some color in my life to get me back on track! 

My husband bought this sweater and top for me on New Years Eve when we did some last minute shopping before the start of my 2014 Closet Remix Challenge. By the way, most of the items I bought, I returned because I didn't really need them or want them. I bought them more on an impulse. 

Anyways, this look is from Banana Republic and the boots are old from Sears. I love the spots on the sweater- it looks kind of like a cheetah or leopard print and if you look closely, some of them are even a little heart-shaped! I also love the bow on the top and it reminds me a little of a Kate Spade bow on a great bag. I wore my pearls, bracelet, and some earrings for the finishing touches and I am carrying my big Phillip Lim for Target tote. 

I love this outfit and am thinking about taking it with me to Charlotte next week for work. I think I'll take some cute nude heels instead though since the weather(hopefully!) will be nice. 

Here's some pics of today's outfit:

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Very cute, but you always look great! I am definitely with you on the getting tired of boots and wishing for spring. Love that sweater!


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