Thursday, September 25, 2014

Currently Craving: Elie Tahari for DesigNation

Another collaboration from a top-notch designer! This time it's at Kohl's. This collection is inspired by the city that never sleeps, New York City. NYC is one of my favorite places to visit in the world so I am excited to see this collection. 

I chose a few items that I think would work well for my figure and my lifestyle. I like that this collection has simple lines and simple colors. It makes it easy to mix and match all of the pieces together. 

Here are my pics:

1) NYC Skyline Fit and Flare Dress: I am a sucker for a dress - mainly a fit and flare dress, so I am excited to check out this collection and try this dress on in person. I think the design of this dress can be dressed up or down and I love the graphic on it! 

2) Crepe Soft Pants: These pants look soft and fun! I like the tapered leg and the look of these pants overall so I am looking forward to seeing these in person as well. 

3) Georgette Top: I love the sights and smells of NYC. The taxicabs are one of the amazing things that make this city THIS city. I like the graphic on the sweatshirt and the bold color of the cabs against the blacks. I think it makes it interesting and conversational. 

4) NYC Graphic Tee: I like this tee but it's probably something that you can find other places. I think this is reminiscent of something I could find from a street vendor or another store. I will look at this in person though to see how the material feels and lays to see if it is something more special. 

5) Graphic Mixed Media Tee: I love the graphic on this tee! I would pick something like this over the previous one- that's just me. This has a crepe front and a jersey back and has a drop tail hem. More things about this shirt make it interesting to me. 

6) Tweed Mixed Media Bomber Jacket: This is definitely a jacket I need to see! I love the shape of this and I love it paired with the cobalt! I have a blouse this color in my closet already and I know it would look great together! 

So there are my picks for this collection. I am looking forward to heading to the store this weekend to check it out. It is available on line currently and will be in stores on September 26. I don't know how discounted it will be (if any) but it's definitely worth a look-see. Kohl's is great for offering discounts to their card holders and I still have a $10 off birthday coupon that I need to use. 

Happy Shopping! Are any of you planning to check this one out? What are your favorites? 


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September Pinned It, Spinned It: Week Three

It’s hard to believe that September is almost over and today is the first day of fall. Where has the month gone? We have been super busy here with birthdays and soccer and back to school so I sure am grateful for this Pinterest-inspired style challenge!

This past week, I wore all pants. That’s weird because I usually wear a lot of dresses and skirts-the week before, that is all I wore. That’s why style and fashion is so much fun! You can wear what you like and what feels comfortable to you.

Here’s the recap from week 3:

Monday- I have a hard time wearing all orange and black without feeling a little Halloween-y. I like the colors together, but decided to put a spin on it by also including white and wearing patterned pants. This was a fun outfit for me and this blouse is just super fun and gorgeous!

Tuesday- I liked the pin but I didn’t want to wear a dress on this day. I chose to spin it by wearing my favorite pair of neon jeans with a floral sweater. I was comfortable in this outfit and I liked the way it was close to the pin but totally different.

Wednesday- I didn’t take a picture on this day. My son and I went out to dinner at Red Robin for our birthdays and Target so he could spend some birthday money. You will have to trust me that my outfit was fabulous on this day as well!
Thursday- I hadn’t really thought about wearing leopard with pink like this before so I was pleased with the way that this outfit turned out! I like the blend of colors and the scarf really tied everything together. I will try this combo again for sure!

Friday- I hadn’t worn orange and yellow together before either. I liked the pin but I didn’t have a peach sweater so I went for the darker tone of orange instead. I paired my patterned pants with it and I really liked the whole look put together.

So there’s the recap for Week 3! I am looking forward to this last full week of September and spinning the pins that Jamie and Amy provide for us!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Outstanding October Style

I am back at it again and bringing you my latest style challenge for October! I had a lot of people on Instagram asking me when/if I was going to do another style challenge. I will admit that I thought about it for a while and decided to go ahead and go through with another one for October. I will be also participating in a self-imposed no shop October as I need to give my funds a break for the month.

I think October is a great transitional month for us here in Michigan. We still have somewhat warmer temps (generally) and are still playing outdoor sports. We may be bundled up in the mornings and later in the evenings, but our afternoons are gorgeous and sunny.  The leaves start to change and the walks outside are full of my favorite colors.

The trips to the cider mills start and the smell of pumpkin everything is in the air. It is crisp, cool and clean outside. It’s fall!

I decided to go ahead with a style challenge following the same no rules as in all of the previous challenges. You can wear whatever you want for any of the days. Just follow the style prompt and make it your own! I think this is a great way to make the most of your closet and I think it’s a great way to meet other people on IG.

Here is the calendar for Outstanding October Style:

I also like to feature people on my blog during these challenges. You will be eligible to be featured if you are following me on Instagram (@curvygirlontherun) and you repost the picture to your own feed. I will do a weekly recap and then feature one person along with me for each day. It’s that simple! Hint: Follow along on the blog by clicking on the Bloglovin’ button and you will get emails in your box each time a new blog post is published.

Here’s to an Outstanding October full of Style!



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Style: Altuzarra and Some Pixies

I am in love with this sweatshirt!  I am so glad that I decided to get this one. The white is not as vibrant in person as it was in all of the marketing but I love it nonetheless. I decided to go with the bow shirt as well since I thought it would be a good basic for my closet.

I love the versatility of a good sweatshirt. I think it's great that styles come back around. I'm sitting here writing this post as I am watching The Golden Girls and Rose is rocking a great sweatshirt with a pair of jeans. Hers is plain and boring as are her jeans, but you get the picture...oh and she's also probably in her fifties here so I guess I shouldn't necessarily use her as an example...

Anyways, I decided to pair the sweatshirt with a pair of patterned pants. I have a couple of ideas of ways that I will wear this but I liked this for today. These pixie pants from Old Navy are amazing! I picked these up on sale and already have a few outfits in mind for them as well. I admit the houndstooth might be a bit busy for some but that is what drew me to these pants. I'll also admit that I am super self conscious to wear pants like these and asked my husband a few times if they looked okay. 

I decided to just go for it and I like the results. It's a bit of a busy pattern mix and a whole lot of fun!

Here are some pics from today's outfit- I'm curious to see what you all think! 

Hope you're having a great weekend! 


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Currently Craving: Eva Mendes for New York and Company

You know it's officially fall with cooler temps and the leaves changing but another thing that gives it away is a new collection from Eva Mendes at New York and Company. The store has been keeping the newest collection under wraps but it officially launched yesterday, September 17.

Eva has been keeping busy lately carrying Ryan's unborn child and all, but she still found time to design her latest collection for the store. People wondered if she would design maternity clothes given her state but instead she chose to stick with her classic line of dresses, skirts and feminine blouses. 

I thought I would show you all my picks from this Fall collection- it's a good one! 

First up is this beautiful rich burgandy dress. Confession, this already has hit my online shopping cart. This is the same style (Maria) as the black dress I wore last week. It's the same brocade and all- just a different color. I have worn the black dress by itself, with a sweater over, and with shirts under. It is a versatile style and will do great for me this fall! I especially like the way the waist goes in on this dress and creates a very slimming illusion. 

Next on my list is also the midi floral skirt. This may or may not have also jumped into my online shopping cart. I first spotted this skirt in a People Style Watch magazine and immediately thought this skirt would be perfect for me. I love the way it has a nice waist and a good length. It is going to be easy to dres this skirt up or down and the floral is a beautiful pattern! 

Who doesn't love a good secretary shirt? I love love love this design that Eva always has in her collections. It is so modest yet so alluring at the same time. Again with the florals too! I especially love this in this gray floral which would also probably look great under the burgundy dress! ( I should have thought of that earlier!) 

I also love the Sia lace skirt from this collection. I think the design is beautiful and unique. I think it will be beautiful with black and elegant for a special occasion or maybe even just for a Tuesday. 

Jewelry is something that is in every collection that Eva designs. There is usually a bold necklace of some sort, maybe a tassel necklace or some statement earrings. Eva also stepped it up this time and designed a couple of bags as well. Here are my picks for accessories:

There is a special today for free shipping with any Eva Mendes purchase. If you sign up for emails, you will also get coupons for deals almost daily. It's worth it to wait for the coupons if you like the collection since it is usually excluded from deals like buy one get one free or promos like that. 

Will you be checking out this collection at all? I seriously love all of the dresses that she designs and think they are so figure-flattering. Tag me on Instagram if you make any purchases so I can see what you get! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Pinned It, Spinned It: Week Two

The second week of Pinned It, Spinned It was definitely more fun for me than the first. I don’t know why, it just was. I loved the looks of the pins and I was able to recreate them in some form or version of my own.

On Monday, it was my birthday. I know, I know, blah, blah, you are all tired of hearing about it. I however, chose to wear a different beautiful outfit that was featured already on the blog last week. Don’t believe me? I wrote a whole post about Holy Chic: Fabulous and Forty.

On Tuesday, I definitely got back into the swing of things doing this challenge. I chose to take some liberty with the striped skirt pin and pair a polka dot top with it and bring in accents of neon pink with my shoes and necklace. I loved this outfit and waited a long time to wear it! I bought the skirt last year and then went to try it on and the zipper broke. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I took it to the tailor and had the zipper replaced.

On Wednesday, I had the perfect dress and cardigan to wear for this day. I really matched the pin pretty much but decided to put my spin on it by adding leopard accents. This was a lot of fun and I also really enjoyed sharing all of the looks I have tried so far with this dress. I hope I can also give some of you some ideas on how to wear your clothing multiple ways!

On Thursday, I totally spinned the pin. I don’t own a white dress and I am okay with that! But, in order to do this challenge, I needed something so I turned to my favorite teal dress and put a white cardigan over it. I was very pleased with my version as well!

On Friday, I had the most fun. I have actually worn an outfit like this before-it was with a non collared shirt and sandals. I liked this version too though and had a lot of fun trying to recreate her exact look.


Now that I think about it, I think this last week was so much fun because I really enjoyed everything that I wore! You know a lot of the things that I wore were older and I don’t think anything I wore was purchased this year with the exception of Friday’s chambray shirt. I tend to stick with classic styles so I can wear my clothes for longer than a season.

Are any of you doing any clothing challenges this month? This has been my favorite probably so far since it is really left to us to either copy or interpret the Pinterest-inspired look differently! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Style: Pardon My French! (Otherwise Known as J Crew on a Budget)

Yes, my darling, today’s outfit is all J Crew. I am not bragging but I did not pay a lot for these items that I am wearing.  Today I am sharing some things that I do to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to shopping at J Crew.

I see so many people on Instagram wearing J Crew and love the way they style their items. J Crew is known for their high quality “preppy” style clothing. Their catalogs have models dressed perfectly for all occasions and they make wearing their clothing look like it makes life so much more worthwhile. Don’t get tricked into thinking that if you don’t wear a certain brand that you are not good enough! This is not an image that I like to portray. I am human and have imperfections just like everyone else but I do enjoy wearing fun and fashionable clothing at a discounted price.

 I also, like everyone else, get sucked in seeing all of the stores’ new arrivals. With fall coming, it is especially easy to run out and buy all of the new things that I see that remind me of my favorite season. I have visions of waking up and drinking my coffee while browsing the catalog on my lap. I then take the catalog to the store with my Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand and ask them to dress me in the outfits that I love. In my bag that I take home will be a sea of dark green, navy, camel and maroon. Wake up! Like most of you, I am on a budget and am not independently wealthy so I have to wait for the sales to arrive.

Tip One:  Be patient. Pin things that you like on Pinterest. I then wait for a sale and purchase an item (or two) that I really like and think I will wear a lot. Remember the cost per wear that I talk about? A high quality item is worth paying more for if you will be able to wear it a lot. Let’s face it. Some of the items are things that can be purchased anywhere. I don’t necessarily need a name brand for the look to work for me but I am really a sucker for a good print and those can’t be found just anywhere.

If you wait long enough, sales can be major! I am extremely thrifty and hate paying full price for anything. I don’t mind waiting for the item I really like and then wearing it only a few times in the season. I know that I will have it the next year and be able to wear it more then, If you really love it, it will be worth the wait.

I got this sweatshirt for $15 as opposed to the full price of $65 because I waited for a sale and it was an additional 50% off. Why wouldn’t I be able to wear this more-not just in summer? I live in MI for crying out loud so it was a no-brainer for me.

Tip two: Look for “dupes” at other stores. You see this blouse I am wearing today? I did purchase it from J Crew (on major sale) but Kohl’s had a similar one that was long-sleeved for a fraction of the cost of this J Crew one (if you paid full price). I saw several people took their blouses from Kohl’s to the tailor and had the sleeves cut off to look exactly like this J Crew one.

 I also love to look for statement jewelry pieces on sites like Groopdealz or Sassy Steals or look for boutiques on Instagram and follow them to see when they have sales. A lot of the time you can get nice jewelry for a low cost. I will warn you though when it comes to jewelry: you get what you pay for.

Tip three: I only recently discovered the pleasure of having a Very Personal Stylist (VPS) at J Crew. It was recommended to me to try this since they are able to find items that are hard to find and they are able to put notes on your account (like allowing you to return a final sale item). I thought that since I didn’t spend a lot of money there, I didn’t qualify to have one. Not the case at all. If you shop online, you can actually click the button and sign up for one right then and there.

Perfect example: I wanted the hibiscus floral top (pictured below) and saw that it was on sale in stores. I followed my own advice and waited for it to go on sale but then of course, couldn’t find my size. I asked in store for them to see if it was available in my size and they called and said it wasn’t. I was out of luck. Until I saw it go on sale in my size online at a more expensive price. I emailed my VPS and asked them to order it for me for the in-store price. They were able to order it in my size, give me the discount and sent it to me for free. I paid only $20 for this blouse that was originally $88. It pays to wait! I will definitely wear this into the fall since I love the orange and navy colors in it.

Tip Four: Shop J Crew Factory. If you follow your own advice like me and wait for an item to go on sale and then totally miss out on it, chances are you will find it the following year at the Factory store. I have noticed that it’s a gamble, but a lot of times I am able to find something in the same print that I loved earlier for a lesser amount. Sometimes I even like the styles at the Factory store better! They also have amazing sales and you can sign up for the emails so that you will be the first to get notified of the New Arrivals and special promotions. Beware though this can be tempting (see the beginning of this post)!
Make sure that if you shop at the Factory store that you check to see if the outlet mall has any coupons to use as well. I was recently able to use a coupon on top of a sale and got a great deal on a pair of earrings. They were already 40% off on sale and then I was able to use a 20% off one item coupon on top of that. 

Tip Five: Get a J Crew credit card. Now, I am not telling you to go into debt to buy clothes but I do want you to know though that they have a great rewards program for earning points. I know a lot of people do not like credit cards, but if you like to shop there, it is worth it to get paid for shopping! You can also make a purchase and then pay your bill right online so you don’t carry a balance on the card. I just got a rewards card in the mail that I plan on combining with a sale for ultimate discounts.

Tip Six: Shop Poshmark or other thrift sites for hard to find items. I recently missed out on the punk floral scarf and still wanted it so I thought I would look on Poshmark for it. I was able to locate it for a reasonable price and I used my Poshmark money in my account to buy it. You will be surprised at what you will find on there. Sometimes, I see prices that are very high and I know to like it but not to run out and purchase it until the price is lower. A lot of times, the seller puts a price on it but is willing to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price or meet in the middle so it’s a win-win for both of you!

Tip Seven: If all else fails, always ask for gift cards for special occasions! You can use them at both the retail and factory stores as well as online. I got one for Mother’s Day and bought this skirt below that I had my eye on for a while. It was 50% off that week and I used my gift card and ended up even having money left over on it. What a deal!

So that’s how I shop J Crew on a budget. I hope you have learned a few things and go out and try some of them for yourself! There might even be other things that people do to save money but these are the things that I have tried so far and have been successful.  It really is amazing what kind of deals you can get when you are patient and do your homework!

Here are a few more pictures from today's outfit:

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Currently Craving: Altuzarra for Target

Anyone else a fan of the Target collaborations? I always look forward to seeing which designers Target will partner with and then which pieces and patterns the designers produce. Altuzarra for Target is no exception. There are some classic pieces like trench coats, pencil skirts and crisp shirts as well as more modern pieces like a maxi dress with a high slit and printed python pieces. 

I wanted to show you all my picks for all of the fellow curvy girls out there. I think most designers think of their market when designing pieces- market meaning buyers and their body types- and design items that would work for everyone. This line has a lot of items that would work well for multiple body types and I like it! 

Here's my first pick: 

This look is one of my favorites- mainly because of the shapes of the clothing and accessories pictured. One of my  
favorite things that I like to do is belt a dress or like in this case, a blouse and a skirt. It commands attention to your waist, overlooking any other parts of your body that perhaps make you self conscious. This outfit is visually interesting because of the python print but also because of the belt and the shoes. Thumbs up on this one for sure! 

Here is the second look that I like:

The classic trench will never go out of style. It's something that I love to wear- whether it's a raincoat or a winter coat, I like it because the style is simple and is flattering when belted (remember the waist I mentioned before?). The dress under this is actually a wrap dress which is also flattering since it cinches in at the waist. 

Third on my list: 

I love this look! The classic button down has been updated with the flower graphic print. This might be one of my favorites! I also love a flared skirt. They are always flattering because they fit in the waist and then flare out. This style is great for those of us with ample hips. Notice the belted look again also. 

Fourth on my list is this outfit which is almost the same as the one above:

Because the two items on the list are the same, you might skim over this part. However, keep in mind your body type and point of interest where you want people to focus. A rounded neck like this one will look stunning with a statement necklace causing people to look up. This style is so camouflaging and great for those of us who have certain problem areas. The neckline in the dress shirt picture will cause people to focus on (ahem) other areas when worn as shown. 

Fifth is this pretty dress: 

I mentioned a wrap dress earlier. This is such a great shape since the neckline is a vee causing people to look down and there is a sash or belt in the middle giving a great shape. The skirt appears to be more a-line than straight which is great for girls with bigger hips. The color is also beautiful and a minimal print can also be very slimming. 

Sixth on my list:

Another dress- but I couldn't resist. The color and detail is just beautiful on this dress. I would definitely pair it with a pair of black boots as well as this belt or I would pair it with a pair of cognac riding boots or even a suede bootie with a denim jacket and think that look would be great as well! 


A sweatshirt with a beautiful floral print. Enough said. I would actually get a lot of wear out of this one so I am leaning towards getting this versus the shirt. This could be dressed up or down depending on what it would be worn with. I think it would look lovely tucked into the fit and flare black skirt and belted  and I think it would be cute with a pair of jeans and some heels. I am definitely getting this one as long as the feel of the material is something that I like. 

No list would be complete without a shoe so here's my pick:

I love a good ankle strap shoe and who says curvy girls can't wear ankle straps? Something to remember though is the thickness of the strap: if it is too thick, it cuts off the line of the leg and does not look great- these seem to be not too thick so they would work for any size (my opinion). These might be a little high for me but I will definitely give them a try-on! 

So there you have my picks. I am planning on getting into the store early if I can to look. Tip: make sure you look online to see which store near you is carrying this collection. Not all stores will get it. I don't think that this will sell out as quickly as the Phillip Lim for Target line or cause craziness like the Missoni for Target line (remember that one?) but I would like to get there early to get the best selection and try on. 

Altuzarra for Target lands in stores and online on September 14. It is also selling via Netaporter. You can see the full lookbook here: Altuzarra Lookbook

I can't wait to see your looks and what pieces you all get! If you are on Instagram, tag me with your looks and purchases! 


Monday, September 8, 2014

September Pinned It, Spinned It: Week One

I haven't been doing my own style challenges for a couple of months now. I had a lot of fun May through July hosting them but it got to where I wasn't really able to wear what I wanted. I took off a month in August and didn't participate in any challenges at all. It was great coming up with my own ideas and combinations and I didn't struggle at all, although I missed the comradery of others participating in the same challenge as myself. 

When I saw the Pinned It, Spinned It was back from my girls Jamie and Amy (@jro1583 and @aem8168) on Instagram, I decided to join in on this one again. You all have seen my posts about loving Pinterest so I  thought this would be a great way to get back into the challenge game. 

We started on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. I thought this was actually such an easy outfit to recreate on my own and it was perfect for the first day back to school. 

Wednesday I took liberty and recreated an outfit using more of the silhouette of the outfit and not really the colors. I liked this skirt that I got for Mothers Day with a gift card and actually asked for styling suggestions on Instagram and received about thirty of them! This was the second way I have worn this skirt so far. 

On Thursday, I reversed it and used the colors but not the shapes. I didn't have anything green striped so I went for a green tee, floral pants and purple shoes. Comfortable and stylish! 

The suggestion on Friday was a yellow sweater with a dark bottom and a leopard scarf. I decided to choose a brown and white dress ( see my post called Eva Gets Me) and wear it with  yellow and brown necklace and leopard pumps. Viola! I actually loved my version of this! 

September is off to a great start in the world of style! I like that it's still a little warmer and summer is still hanging on. The end of this week, we are supposed to be high in the 60's. I'm hoping it will warm up a bit after that-  I'm not ready for cold weather yet! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!