Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Forty Before Forty: Crepes, Strawberries and a Jam Session

I have been gradually working my way through a list of things that I want to do before I turn 40 next month. If you have been following along with me and reading, you can see I definitely have a variety of items that I am completing.

I had crepes once at a restaurant in Orange County, CA, a couple of years ago with my friend, Jenny. We were out there working and found a cute little restaurant to go have crepes in for breakfast. I remember she got a great cappuccino there as well and they drew a heart in the foam. We split two crepes-one savory and one sweet- and it was such a great experience.

Fast forward to the present and I wanted to experience this again. Only this time, I took my family and we went to downtown Ann Arbor on a Sunday morning for brunch. My husband and my son had never been to a crepe restaurant like this before and I think they were both pleasantly surprised at the combinations that were offered as well as how good they tasted.

My husband didn’t want to share his so my son and I shared a savory and a sweet choice. Boy, were they good! What a treat! And the mimosa didn’t bother me either!

Here are some pictures of our morning adventures:

We moved on that day to another thing on my list to do: pick fruit. Strawberries were in season so we decided to make it a family event and head over to the farm to pick strawberries. This was a first for me. Some people cannot believe that I have never picked any fruit but usually I just buy it at the store.

The experience of picking your fruit and then taking it home and washing it and eating it is really a good one. I felt like I was doing something good for myself and my family. I washed and dried all of the strawberries and ate some and froze the rest. We definitely brought home a lot of them!

Here are some pictures of our adventures in picking strawberries:


Then the last part of this is, what to do with the strawberries? Because I froze them, I was able to wait a while to accomplish a third thing on my list: make jam. I have never attempted canning or preserving so I was a little hesitant to do this one. Let me tell you though, I found a super easy recipe from the Pioneer Woman and I pinned it on Pinterest and followed it exactly. My jam turned out wonderful!

It was a little time consuming but it was so worth it. I loved the feeling of knowing that I picked the fruit and I made the jam with it. I know what is in that jar! Such a fun task and I will definitely do it again.

Here are some pictures from my jam session:

Three more things crossed off my list! It seems like this list is never-ending and who knows if I actually will accomplish all of the items. I will definitely try my best!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Style: Gap Style ( Blue and Yellow)

It's no secret that I love a good dress. One that fits and flatters. This dress was a bargain that I picked up at the end of Spring. I love that it has an elastic waist so that I can be creative and wear it differently with a belt. Oh and it's super comfy. I also happened to pick up these loafers (last week I wore the orange ones) and scarf not long after that. Gap has some great markdowns at the end of the seasons and usually with an additional percentage off of that.

Blue and yellow is a fun combination for me especially since I root for the Michigan Wolverines! It's a combination though that I don't wear that often so I thought I would do it today. I'm still also loving my great bag from Jordana Paige too and it happens to match perfectly with my outfit today! 

Here's a few pictures of how I will be wearing this today for an everyday look: 

I also sold some stuff on Poshmark in the last couple of weeks so I decided to treat myself and finally pick up these pumps that I have been wanting. Pray for me- the heels are high! Anyways, I don't know why I didn't get them last year when they were on clearance at Target other than I didn't know if I would wear them since they are high. Apparently I would since I have been thinking about them ever since....

Here's the look with heels sans the bag: 

Hope you're off to a great start on your Sunday! I'm on vacation this week so I am getting ready for all of the fun stuff that we have planned! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Dress, shoes, scarf- Gap
Heels- Prabal Garung for Target (via Poshmark) 
Bracelet- Loft
Belt- Target
Bag- Jordana Paige 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Blues

Today I am meeting clients again for the second day in a row. It's rare that I get out and get to actually interact with people in person since I work remotely. I love this Gap dress but decided to make it a little more professional by putting a jacket over it and nude pumps.

I don't have the blues but Tuesday is such a funny day. Monday is so dreaded, Wednesday is hump day- we're halfway done!, Thursday is Friday Eve and Friday is the start to the weekend. Tuesday is just Tuesday. Sometimes it's a repeat of Monday or it's just a bad day for some people if they didn't get their work done on Monday. 

I try not to spend my life wishing away the days towards the weekend. They are all special and I'm thankful I get to wake up and enjoy another day, even if it is a Tuesday...

Hope your week is off to a great start! 


Dress- Gap
Jacket- Calvin Klein via Macy's
Shoes- Nine West via Marshalls
Necklace- Anna's Armoire
Bracelet- Banana Republic

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Style: Orange

I recently lost a friend- she didn't die but I lost her to the city of Minneapolis. Her husband got transferred there for work. Now, I am happy for him but I am still mourning the loss of seeing my friend regularly. She won't be there in book club and we can't go to the movies anymore. No more small group either. No more late night runs to Menchies for fro-yo and girl talk.

I decided to dedicate this post to her. To my friend who loves orange. We bought these shirts together and she was always jealous of my shoes. I looked everywhere for a pair for her but was unsuccessful. She does have a pair of orange Toms so I guess she isn't totally without....

Orange is such a fun color. Orange is a stimulus color or a color that makes you stop and look. I always think it brightens my day. Orange is a bright tone in the summer and a muted tone in the fall. Orange symbolizes new beginnings like flowers blooming in the spring and the turning of the leaves in the autumn. It's a new beginning and we are happy for you! 

To my friend, Abby. I'm already missing you and will have to plan a trip soon to visit the Mall of America- I mean, visit you...

Shirt- J Crew Factory; Boyfriend jeans- Kohls; Loafers- Gap; Clutch- Francesca's; Pearl bracelet- Loft; Bangles- Lilly and Ivory 

Hope you're all having a great Sunday! 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicken and Waffles

When I was working and staying out in Southern California, I became aware of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. I could go on and on about places that I loved to eat out there but one in particular was just so good and that was Roscoe's. 

Now a lot of people told me about Roscoe's and how I needed to go there. I didn't really understand all of the hype either. I mean, who eats chicken and waffles together? It sounded weird but the more I heard about it, the more I needed to go. 

I was told that a lot of people would go there after they left the club at 2 in the morning. Being that I am not a clubber (is that a word?) or someone who likes to be up at 2 am, I thought I would try during the day. 

And try it I did. Mind blown. The concept of meat and sweet still haunts me. I already need to go back. 

So I decided to try it at home. I settled on a couple of recipes that I found on Pinterest and made some  chicken tenders (slightly healthier with corn flakes instead of fried) and Belgian waffles. The chicken has a little kick to it making it a little spicy so the sweetness of the waffle tames it down. I also like mine with syrup and some fruit just because I need to feel like I am kind of healthy before I go into my sugar coma. 

Of course you need to wear your Roscoe's tee shirt when you are eating or serving chicken and waffles. Even though I am quite certain there will be no mistaking my house for Roscoe's...

I've got these recipes and a ton more things on my Pinterest boards. You can find me at Sandae C on Pinterest if you want to follow any of my boards for inspiration. I've been pinned these two recipes on the board called Blog Stuff. Pinterest is great for recreating things that you see or taste that you love! 

Let me know if you try this combo! It's such an unexpected surprise! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stripes, Hats and Some Inspiration

I have told you guys before that I find inspiration in everything and everywhere. I love to see my friends on Instagram inspiring me so I was happy to find this look of Jessica Alba’s from my friend, Brett @silvrgurl.  My friend, Heather, @stylejourney1, is doing a celebrity inspired challenge over on her page and Brett was participating the other day and posted this look as her inspiration for the day.  Now, I find a lot of inspiration from both of these ladies and I wanted to recreate this look on my own. Coincidentally, it is also a Coast to Coast Challenge day and the theme is Hats Off to You. What a great way to incorporate everything into one look!
I love Jessica Alba’s easy going laid back wardrobe. I like to think that her style is similar in some ways to mine-while our styles are similar, that is all I would compare myself to! She has a couple of kids and her style is carefree and easy for being out and about.
I copied this look of hers with the striped dress and a scarf and sandals. Oh and a fedora! I love the laid back look and feel of this outfit! It’s perfect for the summer and super easy to put together. Here are our looks side by side: 

I took this Target dress from last year and put silver sandals with it and a green oversized bag. I like a lot of color in my outfits so this scarf from Loft with flowers adds a lot of color into the outfit. I also chose colorful beaded bracelets as well. The fedora I got from the Loft Outlet earlier this year and also chose some J Crew sparkly earrings just for more fun. There it is! Easy and carefree for a day at work.
Enjoy these pics of today’s outfit:

Here's a picture of @silvrgurl earlier this week- I love her interpretation too! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jumpin' July Style: Days 25-31

We are officially into August which means sadly the summer is coming to an end before we know it. I have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful summer outfits from everyone who participated in July's style challenge! We had our fair share of cooler days and nights this month as well so it was interesting seeing how everyone transformed some of their warmer temps outfits into cooler temps outfits. Let's get down to it and recap this last week of July, shall we? 

Day 25- Peachy Keen- I chose a peach tee to wear with these patterned capris that I got last year. I love them with a good pair of heels or wedges. I think they make my legs look longer! 

For this day, I chose to feature my friend, Brett, @silvrgurl. She is always on point with her outfits and poses for every day of challenges! I love the colors and the print mixing! 

Day 26- Dancing in Denim- I wore some boyfriend jeans on this day with my MI Love tee. I wanted a casual look for a day filled with errands- you know like a massage and hanging out with friends...

On this day, I thought @sassymotherhood was definitely dancing in her denim! What a fun look! 

Day 27- Pinterest-Inspired- This day was probably my favorite of all of the days. I recreated a look that I saw on Pinterest but made it my own. Check out last week's Sunday Style post for more pictures and all of the details. 

I chose to feature @myoverstuffedcloset for her Pinterest-inspired look. I love the mint, denim and white together! She definitely nailed this look! 

Day 28- Preppy In Pink- This day I chose to wear a bright pink patterned cardi with a graphic tee and a fun statement necklace. It was cooler this day so I had on olive jeans and wore it with sandals. It was such an easy and fun outfit.

What's more preppy than bicycles and statement jewelry? I love the way @mrsgarciac took this shot of her shirt and jewels for the day! Such a cute look! 

Day 29- Flower Power- I chose pink again but this time in pants. I chose my favorite floral tee and statement earrings to complete the ensemble. 

I love the way @thriftinas_closet wore this flowered blouse with a striped cardi! I love the prints and colors together making her outfit extra interesting! 

Day 30- Purple Rain- I chose to wear an orchid tee with an embroidered chambray skirt and then put a belt and statement necklace with it. This was a very casual and comfortable outfit for a day at the museum and meeting up with a friend for dinner. 

@artofthecloset wore a beautiful purple ruffle blouse and did some color blocking with a skirt and cardigan. And what a great pair of shoes! 

Day 31- Tanks and Tees, Please!- Last day of the challenge so of course I went with a floral patterned pant and a green tee. I love these shoes and they were comfy for a day of thrifting! 

I chose @happygal1976 for this day because her tank says it all! I love it! 

So there's my recap of the last week of Jumpin' July Style challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated in it! I'm looking forward to coming back for a September style challenge! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!