Stripes, Hats and Some Inspiration

I have told you guys before that I find inspiration in everything and everywhere. I love to see my friends on Instagram inspiring me so I was happy to find this look of Jessica Alba’s from my friend, Brett @silvrgurl.  My friend, Heather, @stylejourney1, is doing a celebrity inspired challenge over on her page and Brett was participating the other day and posted this look as her inspiration for the day.  Now, I find a lot of inspiration from both of these ladies and I wanted to recreate this look on my own. Coincidentally, it is also a Coast to Coast Challenge day and the theme is Hats Off to You. What a great way to incorporate everything into one look!
I love Jessica Alba’s easy going laid back wardrobe. I like to think that her style is similar in some ways to mine-while our styles are similar, that is all I would compare myself to! She has a couple of kids and her style is carefree and easy for being out and about.
I copied this look of hers with the striped dress and a scarf and sandals. Oh and a fedora! I love the laid back look and feel of this outfit! It’s perfect for the summer and super easy to put together. Here are our looks side by side: 

I took this Target dress from last year and put silver sandals with it and a green oversized bag. I like a lot of color in my outfits so this scarf from Loft with flowers adds a lot of color into the outfit. I also chose colorful beaded bracelets as well. The fedora I got from the Loft Outlet earlier this year and also chose some J Crew sparkly earrings just for more fun. There it is! Easy and carefree for a day at work.
Enjoy these pics of today’s outfit:

Here's a picture of @silvrgurl earlier this week- I love her interpretation too! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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