Wednesday, September 13, 2017

WhatUp Wednesday #12

Well friends, a lot to talk about this week!  I have gotten another year older and I also became a football mom this week! My son started to play football this year in 7th grade-he is not excited about it at all if you ask him and might even be borderline mad at me still for signing him up. I think athletics for him are very important and football in Texas is a big deal!

They spring things on us at the beginning at the year at the last minute. I am sitting here waiting for him to get done with practice only to find out that after this we go to the high school for him to be recognized as an athlete in our city. Very cool!  Here’s my outfit I am wearing since I wore this to work today:

I might add that this is an outfit my friend Tracy selected for me for my Lula Box this month! She sent me this outfit as well as the Jill skirt in the pic below. Lula boxes are fun! You don’t know what you will be getting until you get it! You pay the invoice and then she ships out the box to you. You can choose to keep the items or return them if you don’t care for them. It takes faith letting someone else choose an outfit for you, but Tracy dresses similarly to me and we have been friends for years so I know she will do a great job! Here’s a link to her Instagram -@lularoetracyvazquez- check her out! And here’s the other skirt I got which I paired with a top from Walmart.

While I am at it, I might as well show you the other outfits I posted this week:

So I mentioned I had a birthday this week! My work family did the best job helping me celebrate this past Friday! I was surprised at work a day early with some decorations and then more the next day. We ate lunch at anamia's which I have been wanting to try for a while. The food was fantastic and I am already ready to go there again!

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Style Spotlight: Universal Standard

I was recently introduced to the brand, Universal Standard. I actually had not heard of them prior to doing this collaboration. I did some research on the brand as I do on all brands before I choose to represent them on my blog and Instagram. There are many brands out there that make promises about their clothing-whether it’s the fit or the feeling-but many times I find I am let down.
                                   Top and jeans- Universal Standard

This brand did not disappoint. From the minute I opened the package to putting on the clothes to wearing them all day-the feeling and the fit didn’t change. I was impressed when I opened the package and found the wrapped box-it was like I got a present! The top is so soft and the jeans have a great amount of stretch to them but not too much! I love the little details on the jeans like the zippers on the ankle and the deep front pockets. The wash is spectacular too and I am feeling way more dressed up than wearing a regular tee shirt and jeans.

I rolled the sleeve up on the top so if you have longer arms, you will be just fine. I also love the rounded hem on the top which is a little longer in the front and back and goes up a little on the sides. I wasn’t initially sure how I would feel about wearing all black so I added a pop of color with the pink heels and a leopard clutch. After I got to work and had to walk around campus, I changed into gold flats and felt casually glamorous. I am already thinking about my next pieces that I would like to have in my closet!

Check out these pics of the unboxing and wearing this outfit:

I swear I didn't know they were going to decorate my desk a day early for my birthday and look how I match...
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WhatUp Wednesday #11

As I sit here writing this, another hurricane is at it again! This time Irma who is hitting the islands and Florida. We have so much to be thankful for here in our warm (or cool) homes with food and water and everything we need. Last week North Texas had a gas issue with everyone and their brother getting gas on Thursday causing a shortage and numerous stations to have no gas even throughout the holiday weekend. Thankfully, I was able to get some in my tank before the crazy madness began so I was unaffected; although I did stay home most of the holiday weekend and conserved the gas that I had.

There hasn’t been a ton of things happening this week. I have been super busy at work (which makes me happy!) and just focusing on that and my son who started school last week. He also started football and is very hesitant but I am confident he will pick it up and enjoy it. Though he’s mad at me now for putting him in it, I hope I have done the right thing and he will thank me later!

Today was our Town Hall meeting at work-we chose to go to the first of six being held this week. We had to wear red shirts so I chose this ruffle top (which you cannot really see under the jacket) and this skirt so I was comfy for sitting but still dressed appropriately.
Jacket- JCrew Factory (old)
Top- Loft (old)
Azure Skirt- Lularoe (old)

Here’s a recap of the other outfits from this week:
Vest- Target (summer)
Dress- Belk (summer)
Sandals- DSW (summer)

Carly Dress- Lularoe (recent)
Sandals- Target (old)

Irma top and Cassie skirt- Lularoe (summer)
Sandals- Ross (summer)

Top and Skirt- JCrew (summer)
Shoes- Betsey Johnson (summer)

I did have the chance to try a product this week and it’s a great one! I was asked to review this electric toothbrush from VONDA off of Amazon and I loved it! I have not actually used an electric toothbrush before so I was happy to try this one. I chose the pink one so it’s cute but functional. I love the different speeds it has on it. You can clean and polish and whiten-all kinds of speeds! It came with three toothbrush heads so this will last me for a while. I wrote a wonderful review of this on Amazon and there is a video of how the toothbrush functions as well.
I also tried a new restaurant that I forgot to tell you all about! It's called arepa and boy is it good! An arepa is round corn cake made from a perfect mixture of corn flour, water and salt. The ingredients are grilled to form a light outer crisp while the inside stays fluffy. I got a veggie one with portabella and peppers and chees and jicama on the side. Delicious! 

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WhatUp Wednesday #10

So this week I tried some new food, got dressed every day, yada yada yada,,,and then Harvey. Oh boy! I cannot believe the damage that I have been seeing. It is truly heartbreaking to see how people have lost everything they own. I am in North Texas about 200 miles or so away from Houston and that area so we are safe and sound. Our company gave a huge donation and we can donate and they will also match our donations up to a certain dollar amount. Be sure to help out where you can if you can. Be aware of scams because I was sent an email with details about some fake organizations that have already come up. Sad that people will use something so terrible for their own gain.

Well, enough of that- I will move on to some of the fun stuff! So this past week I posted a picture on Instagram of some fun workout wear and I wanted to share more of it with you all. There is this awesome company called K-Deer that makes these striped pants and so much more! This workout gear makes working out fun and these are seriously the best workout pants I have ever had! These come in different designs but their signature leggings are the striped ones. I got the Alexis stripe in the sneaker length, but they also come in capri and legging length. This cute tank is also from K-Deer. Sweaty haute mess- look haute even when you are working out- I love it!

And what else is great when working out in cute workout clothes? An awesome water bottle! This one is from refresh2go called the Sleek and it even has a filter in it! It is the perfect size to take with you on the go! I got mine in pink (of course!) but it also comes in other colors. There are also other styles to choose from and you can order more filters on the site as well. Make sure to stop by and check them out!
I did have a couple of outfit posts this week, but to be honest, I was busy with school starting and my son coming back. Here are the pics:
I posted the tee earlier this week but don't forget to check out my friend Lori's business called InclusiviTee- it is a quarterly tee subscription designed by artists. They give back 100% the profits and can even do fundraising. What a great mission!
And last but not least, I tried Thai food this week at Best Thai near our office. I have had it before but it has been years and I honestly did not even know what to order! I decided on the Pad Thai with the chicken and it was pretty good.

That's it for this week! I hope you have all been having a wonderful week!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

WhatUp Wednesday #9

Hey! It’s me! Last Wednesday I didn’t end up doing a post because I went to the Texas Rangers game! They were playing against the Detroit Tigers so of course I had to go and support my team! The Tigers ended up losing-when we left in the 8th inning, they were behind by 6, but it was a good time!

I’ve been staying pretty busy this summer! I love the weekends when I can relax and hang out by the pool. I have been trying to get out and try some new things and places. I am sure I could do more, but everything in moderation… I am getting ready for my son to come back and school will be starting this week. Time has flown by! Seems like I was just writing about being in Michigan and now here it is, the end of the summer!

Are you getting ready for fall? It seems like the hot temps will be around for a while in TX, but Karina Dresses has their new fall patterns out and I am in love! I am wearing the Jackie dress in Harvest Floral and  it is amazing! Green happens to be my favorite color and I love this one that is a darker green with navy and mustard.  Karina Dresses has the best materials and patterns and these are perfect for traveling or just if you don't like ironing...I also love this dress style as it cinches in the waist and has a great silhouette. Here are some pics in this dress below:

I visited my friend, Bethany, this past weekend in Rockwall and saw her new home. It is so beautiful! I enjoyed the tour and seeing her cute puppies. We had a lot of fun hanging out and eating, shopping and getting our nails done. It is so nice to have a girls’ day sometimes! Below are some pics of the day:

Zanata for salad and pizza lunch
 Chills 360 for ice cream- so good!
Chiloso for dinner

What about this lip color though?! This is Cora-Lina from Lipsense and I love it! I can add multiple layers to make it brighter or just one for lighter coverage. I got this from Kristen-she can be found on Instagram @liplovebykristenb and because you are all my friends, she is offering a 15% discount for you! Anyone who orders using the code CURVYGIRLONTHERUN will also be entered to win a free gloss! Yes! Do it now!! I have another color already picked out!

I did a collaboration with Customized Girl and made three tee-shirts that I also posted on IG this past week. I love all of the equally and the quality was top-notch! I love a good graphic tee because I can wear casual, dress up with a blazer or even wear for workout wear. This was a fun collab and I hope to do more with them in the future! Check out these fun tees:

Here are some other outfit pics from the past weeks:

I finished the book Into the Water and I am so-so on it. I was thrilled to find out that there would be another suspenseful novel written by Paula Hawkins as I loved The Girl on the Train. I wanted to like this book, but it wasn’t until about halfway through it that I finally started to get to know the characters and realize what was going on. It was a little difficult for me to keep up with so many characters as I would pick it up and put it down to read.

I also went to the movies and saw The Mummy and Girls Trip. The Mummy was good-maybe a little over my head as I really didn’t realize that it is a pre-cursor to other movies apparently…but it was action packed and I did enjoy it.

Girls Trip was so funny. I enjoyed all of it and it definitely deserved the R rating that it received. The comedy was sometimes lewd but sometimes I just couldn’t stop laughing! It was that funny!

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