Sunday, January 21, 2018

WhatUp Wednesday #22

It’s Wednesday again so time to tell you all about what’s been happening! Today was another job fair at work. Yes, I am still displaced and yes, time is running out for me to find another job. Keep me in your thoughts or prayers or whatever you do that I will find the right job fit for me. February 5th will be my official last day here at Capital One and then on to bigger and better things (I hope!). I have recently started applying to more positions since I figured it is after the new year and now things will hopefully be picking up in the job market realm.
After the job fair, we went to a fantastic lunch buffet at Blue Mesa , one of our favorite spots. The food was so good and we all ate our money's worth for sure!

Here is my look for today:
This look was actually in my Dia&Co box this past month. I am glad I finally got a chance to wear it-even if it was one of the coldest days of the year! Want your own Dia box? Click here to learn more!

 On Netflix I have been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. This just might be my new favorite show! I love Jerry Seinfeld but this takes it to another level by inviting other comedians to hang out with him for the day. More of my favorite things- comedy, coffee, jazz music and classic cars. I highly recommend you check it out! I am also watching Parks and Rec again- I like to watch something light when I go to bed at night and sitcoms like these are the best!

I read a couple of books too- well, I finished one and I am almost done with another. The People We Hate At the Wedding was just meh. It was a lot of family drama around one of the members of the family getting married. It was a quick read and held my attention but I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend it. It was definitely a chick-lit book and would probably be best while lying on the beach drinking pina coladas.

The other book I am reading and almost done with is called The Punch Escrow. It is set in the future and it is all around teleportation of humans and the drama that ensues when one person is not teleported properly. I don’t want to give too much away but it has definitely held my attention! I would definitely recommend this book and I have found it to be quite interesting. I also really like that the author has incorporated definitions of what he is talking about at the bottom of each page. It makes it easier to understand and is also quite thought-provoking of what might be to come in the future.
Here are my outfits that I posted on Instagram over the past couple weeks:

Let me just mention that this last look is from SheIn featuring this star print dress. SO good! Shop the dress here and use my coupon code on it or anything else: "curvygirl20"!
By the way, these other looks are also from SheIn and they are so good!
You can find the blouse here and you can find the sweater here. Don't forget to use "curvygirl20" for your discount!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Thanks for reading and following along with me!

Sunday Style: Black and White

It is currently raining and thundering outside. A good day to stay home! I actually went out earlier though and did some browsing (check out my Instagram stories for more) and enjoyed a yummy pasta dinner. Bloggers including myself often do picture days or photo shoot days and photograph multiple looks at one time. This was the case with this look today. I actually did this one last week when it was sunny out- that's why you see the sunglasses...

Life isn't always black and white like this beautiful Sabrina jumpsuit from Atelier Sorokka. Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions or choices that we have to make. I know I was faced with a couple this week and I know it is mentally and emotionally exhausting to think about whether or not you did the right thing. There's a lot of gray in the world...

Anyways, let's focus on this jumpsuit for a moment, shall we? Atelier Sorokka is one of my new partners for 2018 and I love all of their styles! I have a few pieces from them that I will be sharing so I thought I would start with this jumpsuit first and then show you some more dresses.

These items including this jumpsuit were custom made for me! I love when I can work with brands that either design clothes in all sizes for women or custom make them for us. I love that my body type can be taken into account when purchasing items.

I will be honest with you-because I always am- but I don't like the way this looks on my belly. I sure don't look anything like the model that I linked you to in this off the shoulder jumpsuit! I am sure if you have been following me for a while, you can see that I have put on some winter weight...I have to get back to my exercising and eating better. But anyways, I have a friend who told me that she thought I was better than that to conform to standards of the world when it comes to my body type. She's right-I need to embrace the curves and my body like I normally do and put it out there and let it show!
Here are a few pictures of this jumpsuit- My future is so bright I gotta wear shades! Bonus points  if you can name the movie that quote is from...

Heels- Just Fab (online) old
Purse- Sam Moon Trading Co (Frisco TX store) recent

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! I know I enjoyed mine!
Thanks for reading and following along with me!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Style: The Adorable Amelia

I have been wearing Lularoe for quite some time now. In fact, I was not that familiar with it and about four years ago, a Lularoe consultant asked me to collaborate with her and she sent me an Amelia dress. I think it's fun that Lularoe clothing items all have names and as a matter of fact, they are mostly named for people in the founder's family. How cool is that?

Anyways, the Amelia dress really turned me on to Lularoe and it's safe to say that I am addicted! I love the clothing and I love how there are so many options to wear each clothing item that they sell! The Amelia dress is my favorite because it is so flattering to me-it cinches in my waist, shows off my curves and it has pockets! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?
So, here is my most recent Lularoe Amelia acquisition- it's part of the Elegant collection and it is a winner for sure!

And, I am throwing it back to show you other Amelias that I have worn over this past year. The very last pic is the OG Amelia that started it all!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

WhatUp Wednesday #21

What Up, friends? Well it's officially the new year! I know a lot of people make resolutions but I really don't like to do that. There's something that really eats at me when I cannot fulfill a promise that I have made-whether it is to myself or not. I have always been that way. Here's an example: I remember being in church and the pastor told us that he wanted everyone to come up to the front of the church who was going to commit to reading the Bible through at least one time that year. I didn't want to go up front because what if something happened and I wasn't able to complete this? Don't get me started on all of the church drama growing up...but it's an example from my teenage years that still holds true to this day.

So, instead of resolutions, I have chosen a goal for myself to do one thing each day that makes me happy. It doesn't have to be much, it can just be something small. It doesn't matter if I repeat it throughout the year or not. This is for me. Do more of what makes you happy. I didn't choose a word like a lot of people, I just decided to opt for this special goal just for me. Each day I am writing down what I have done for the day and it will allow me to show myself some love as well as reflect later on things that make me happy. Don't get me wrong-I still need to eat healthy and exercise more too. I will be working on that throughout the year!

Do you all set resolutions or goals for yourself? I'm curious if this motivates you if you do. Do you find you are able to achieve these goals or if you give up after a little while. I see a lot of people saying they want to eat healthier or work out more, etc. but I am wondering how long this really lasts!

Onwards and upwards! It has been so cold here lately that I haven't done a lot except stay indoors! Lol but really after work and while I was on vacation and off of work, it was a lot of relaxing and Netflix for me! I cannot stop watching The Office and I ain't even mad about it...

I visited a couple of food places I like including Super Chix, Cheesecake Factory and Eatzi's. I rang in the new year feeding my face! But seriously, I really haven't been a lot of places or done a lot over the past week while off! One of the things I did do was go to Ikea and purchase a few more items for my place and put them together! It feels so good to get some more stuff and make my place feel like home!

And then here's a roundup of a few outfits in case you missed them:


Don't forget to do more of what makes you happy! Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday Style: Rock Star Style

Well friends, this is it. The last post of 2017! It feels like this past year has flown by! It was my first full year living in TX and experiencing a different way of life here in the Big D. I've loved meeting new people and making new friends and experiencing new sites and sounds and smells of Texas. I am looking forward to everything that 2018 will bring!

For my last look of the year, I wanted to show a look that I got in my last Dia and Co box. I totally felt like a rock star when wearing this outfit! I think there is nothing better than looking and feeling like a million bucks!

The jeans are from Rebel Wilson's collection and I cannot tell you how much I love them! So comfortable and stretchy and the silver stripes add such a fun element to them! I also love the hippie vibe of the bell sleeve on this top from Nanette Lepore. It is such a beautiful blouse with the lace details! To top it off, this faux leather moto jacket is perfect! I chose a heeled bootie for a long lean line. I got these booties last year from Old Navy for about $10! Such a steal!

Here are some pics of my rock star style:

I just love this outfit! What do you all think?

Want to try a Dia box of your own? Click here or on the link to the side to sign up and experience it for yourself! I love getting a box! A stylist sends me perfect things for my shape and style. It allows me to experiment too and see if I like something or not and send it back if I don't. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want more information.

Happy New Year to you!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

WhatUp Wednesday #20

 I haven’t written in the last couple of weeks on Wednesday because I have been busy and this past week not feeling so well. I ended up having to get a breathing treatment for my asthma that keeps flaring up. I know it’s bad if my stepmom says she hasn’t seen a post lately…so here we go!

Over the last couple of weeks, I have eaten at a couple of new restaurants, read a book, went to the movies and have a lot of outfits to catch you all up on!

I am going to start with this look today- I call it “I like big bows and I cannot lie”. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared some pieces with you all last week from SheIn- this sweater was one of them. Sadly the other two pieces ran a little smaller- sizing is sometimes an issue since the pieces all have a variety of fits. I like this sweater because of the back-the front is plain so I didn’t take a picture of it. I really should have worn a necklace but I wasn’t feeling well.

Also, I love SheIn and they love you! They are giving you all a special discount! Don’t forget to use the code “curvygirl20” when you order!!

Now, on to more fun stuff like food. A friend at work had a birthday and chose Kobe Teppan and Sushi in Plano for her birthday luncheon. We did the hibachi lunch and it was so good! Definitely will visit here again! I had the terryaki chicken which came with soup or salad and fried rice and veggies. So delicious and they were so cute for Crystal’s birthday singing to her.

We also went out as a team to Hula Hut which is in Little Elm. This isn’t the first time I’ve been here, but it was the first time to sit out on the patio and in December, no less! We had a fun time for happy hour and just relaxing followed by a fun game of Cards Against Humanity.

The second new restaurant I visited over this past week with a vendor for lunch. It was newly opened in Frisco at the Star and is called The Common Table. It was pouring down rain that day and we had to walk in it to the restaurant-ugh!This restaurant had only been open for a couple of weeks and still appeared to be somewhat under construction.  We had a table for four and the waiter was very attentive refilling our glasses and offering suggestions from the menu. He mentioned the brussels sprouts were the best and I have to say, I really loved them and would totally go back for more!  Also, the pretzel bites with beer cheese sauce were insanely delicious! I shared the chicken and dumplings so they halved them into two dishes and had some of the macaroni and cheese and broccolini. I have to say the portion size of the chicken and dumplings left a lot to be desired and this was also green as you can see in the picture because it was a cilantro gravy. Overall the food and the ambiance was good. I will wait a while to go back and see if there has been any improvement in the construction.

We also went to the premiere for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle before it opened to the public. This was a lot of fun and the movie was really good! I loved the action adventure and I especially liked that it they changed it up from the original. It was fun that they went into a video game instead of a board game and the characters were really good in their roles. It is rated PG-13 and I would agree with the rating for some crude jokes that may be inappropriate for smaller children.

I also read the book Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Cristie for the first time. I loved this book and it was a fairly quick read. I enjoyed the mystery and I am looking forward to seeing the movie to see how it compares!

My manager had a really fun Christmas party. There were several of us there from work and it was fun to see his house all nicely decorated! He had a butler for the evening who served the food and drinks and took our coats and he made the best drinks! We had cotton candy martinis (Cotton candy-tinis?) and also had Baileys and chocolate milk-oh man that was so smooth! I wore my Elegant collection Lularoe Cassie skirt and had a fabulous time!

I have had lots of fun outfits over the last few weeks. Here are some pics in case if you missed them:

A lot of stuff this week! Thanks for reading and following along with me!