Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Style: Eseli Boutique

Happy Sunday! I am so happy that this week I get to bring another new brand to you all! I am wearing a couple of outfits perfect for the summer from Eseli Boutique. I love when an outfit or a look simply means wearing a one piece and today's looks are right on the money.

First up is this gorgeous floral jumpsuit. I mean florals for spring and summer, groundbreaking, right? But seriously this black floral is amazing! Bring on the trips to the tropical places please so I can wear this there! It has a tie in front and a hole in back to keep the breezes flowing! I paired this with some fun wedges - did you happen to see the matching palm fronds on them? 

Next up is the perfect orchid color romper! Let me tell you that this is one of my favorite colors! So vibrant and perfect for summer! I love the off the shoulder look of this romper and it is casual yet can also be dressed up. I paired some gold wedges with it and a leopard bag for a night out. It would also look cute with some flat sandals or slides and a straw bag for a more casual look. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Enamored With Embroidery

I am loving all things embroidered for the summer months! There’s just something about wearing a fun top or dress with beautiful stitching and colors! 

I’m introducing you to a new to me boutique called Caroline Hill that I think you will all like! I found a couple of pieces that are so similar but so different! I want to be cool in the hot summer months but also look good doing it! 

I’ll show you the dress look first- although it’s genuinely a tie as to which piece that I love the most! This Red Vines embroidered babydoll dress is an off white with coral embroidery and I’m loving it! I paired it with some sandals and a hat and straw bag. Talk about summer ready!

The second look is this top that I paired with denim shorts. Now I’m not normally a shorts person but I think this year I might become one! I love this Bright and Beautiful top with the shorts, sandals and bright earrings with it. I’m in love! Again such a simple look that is both classy and comfy! 

Which look is your favorite? I encourage you to take a look at the Caroline Hill website and see what you find! They have so many good things like straw bags which are so on trend right now, cool jewelry and clothing! You can use my discount code SANDAE15 and save an extra 15% off your order! 

Hope you are all having a good week! I know I am! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Style: Eight and Sand

Hey friends! Happy Sunday! I wanted to write a short post today to share a new brand with you! I just received this linen shirt dress in the mail yesterday and I love it! 

Eight and Sand is a brand that believes in craftsmanship and looks for the very best fabrics and notions like zippers and buttons that are sourced ethically. 

There are not a lot of pieces that they sell but each one is made with pride and is perfectly well-made. This linen shirt dress that I am wearing today is not only well made but is comfy and classic and cool for the warmest temps today! 

If you’re wondering where the name Eight and Sand comes from, click here to read more! 

Here are a few pics of this gorgeous dress: 

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! I spent some time listing more on Poshmark and I still have a lot to go! Look me up “sandaef14” is my closet name! 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WhatUp Wednesday #33

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! So this last week we had the Royal wedding! Finally! Was it as spectacular to you all as it was to me? I think it was so fun to be up early in the morning watching it with millions of other people! I think her dress was gorgeous and tasteful and understated yet glamorous. I think her dress for the reception was perfect! I think her mom looked elegant and all of the children were adorable! I loved the sermon that the Bishop from Chicago gave and I loved the choir singing Stand By Me. I think it was so good and really was like watching a Hallmark movie come to life! What was your favorite part? 

I’m wearing this gorgeous white floral dress from SheIn  that laces up in the front on today’s post. I think this dress is so beautiful! I found some little flowers around here and thought this would be the perfect backdrop! I love the way this dress laces in the front and then is flowy on the bottom. I think it is the perfect boho style dress! You can shop the dress here and don’t forget to use my code for a discount! 

Not a ton of stuff went on this past week to write about. I did watch The Voice finale and I was very surprised at who America voted to be the winner. Spoiler alert: I really wanted Kyla to win! Her voice is so good and the duet with Jennifer Hudson? I mean come on now! I’d also like to see someone a little older win it because when you’re young and you are 15, you have your whole life ahead of you! 

One of my favorite companies Dia&Co came out with activewear boxes this week! You will now have the option to request a clothing and accessories box or an activewear box including sports bras! I am very happy about this one! You can get one of your own by clicking on the Dia&Co link on the right on this blog! 

Ok gonna let you all go for now but want to be sure I shared my outfits from this past week: 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WhatUp Wednesday #32

Hey friends! So over the past couple of weeks I have had a lot of fun just being me! Going out to eat, exercising with friends, playing with fashion and even attending a special birthday party! My WhatUp Wednesday posts are just to show you all things I have been enjoying as a regular human being. Remember that people show you the highlights-they may not show you the low points in their lives so please don't waste time and energy comparing yourself to someone else! Be happy and free to be you!

With that being said, I will start by showing you a new brand that I am working with that is hot, hot, hot!! I received two items from GCGme and I am loving both of them! What better way to share the love than by offering you all a coupon code to use as well?! Use code SANDAE10 for a discount!! I love the material on these pieces-they are so comfortable and I could wear them all day!

First of all, I love this black jumpsuit and I would love to wear it to go dancing! It is so comfortable and has an elastic waist and ties in the back. Stunning! I love a blank canvas such as this to be able to accessorize and show how to wear multiple ways! I chose to only wear large earrings as accessories this time and add a pop of color with my shoes!

The second item is this gorgeous teal mermaid dress that I am crushing on soooo hard! I probably could have sized down in this one and it would show off my curves more, but it does look beautiful this way as well! I dressed this one up with some glamorous jewels and I am loving it!

To shop the jumpsuit, click here. To shop the dress, click here. Remember to use the code SANDAE10 when shopping these looks or any others at GCGme !

Now how about some food? I always try to let you all know when I am out and about and trying new restaurants! I am in the DFW area now and so many places are new to me since I lived in MI before for so long! I have gone to a few places so here are the highlights:

I am going to start with the more recent and then work son and I tried out a new place called The Biscuit Bar on Sunday. It is a new place here in Plano on the Boardwalk in Granite Park and it was crazy busy! We did not wait in line very long to place the order but it was about 50 minutes before we got our food. It was very slow and hard to find a place to sit. I think it could have been a mixture of it being Mother's Day and a new place. The food was wonderful so I think we will go back after all the hoopla has died down.

Last week, I went to brunch with a couple of friends at Whiskey Cake and oh boy, I am already wanting to go back there! In love with the food and the cocktails were so good! I had the Mimosa Flight and the chicken and waffles and I would definitely have both of those again! We also shared a whiskey cake and it is amazing. So many things, so little time to eat them.

The day before I went to Zumba in the Park at Klyde Warren Park with a couple of friends and since it was Cinco de Mayo, of course we had to go out for Mexican food and margaritas! We went to El Fenix downtown a few blocks away from the park and it was really good! It was super busy given the day but we did not have to wait that long and the food was delivered quickly!

I also went to Tortaco before the Lularoe birthday party in downtown Dallas last week. We mainly partook of their Happy Hour margaritas for $3 and had a few tacos and apps. It was delicious but I think I would like to go back and order something else since it was a large group and we really didn't get to choose what we ate. You all know how that goes!

I will switch gears and tell you about a couple of books and some movies! I read The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood- I don't remember if I told you all that but it was really good! She is the same author who wrote The Handmaid's Tale which if you are not watching it on Hulu, you should! It's kind of creepy to think that this could actually be our world in the future but it is very intriguing while being disturbing. I am also in the middle of the book The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It is about a man who receives a letter from a woman he worked with who says she has cancer. Harold decides to send a letter back to her but when he goes to mail it in the mailbox, he continues to walk to the next one and so on. I am not quite halfway through the book but it is very good!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Style: Mother Knows Best

I’ve talked about my childhood many times as well as the strict upbringing that we had. We weren’t allowed to do a lot of things - I always felt there were more things we couldn’t do than we could. One of the things we couldn’t do was watch a lot of television programs. My parents (specifically my mother) didn’t think that there were a lot of appropriate shows for children on tv. 

One of the shows we were allowed to watch was Father Knows Best-It was on the Nick at Nite channel on Nickelodeon and I think maybe on TV Land now. Anyways the show was about a typical Midwestern middle-class family with three kids. There was always a lesson to be learned in the show. 

I happen to be enamored by the 50’s style clothing. When I saw this dress from SheIn  I knew right away that it was perfect for me. It’s the perfect blend of American housewife in the 50’s and wowee look at that dress! 

Now, it’s Mother’s Day today. I don’t know if my mom or my dad knew best. Does anyone as a parent really even know what they’re doing all the time? I doubt it. I know that my mom had a penchant for fashion in the way that she could wear it. She would accessorize the hell out of those dresses and culottes. She had a smile that would light up the room. She had a contagious laugh. She didn’t always know best but she did the best she could. 

It’s hard to believe that this December it will be 15 years since she’s been gone. 15 years! Where does the time go? I remember I used to cry a lot every Mother’s Day- I couldn’t go to church and listen to sermons. No one felt the same as me. Their moms were sitting next to them. 

Then I had my son. I became a mother. I no longer cried for my mother only to wish that she had met my son. As the years go by, it does get easier and easier. I still wish I could ask her some questions sometimes but I have peace that she is no longer here on this earth. 

What would my son say about me? Would he say mother knows best? Nah, he’s 12 and knows it all! But my hope would be that he grows up and knows that his mom did the best she could. 

To all those who are hurting from losing a mother like me, or those who are hurting from losing a child or those who are struggling to have a child, I pray for you. I know how hard this day is for a lot of us! I know that the pain will always be there but it will get easier. Trust me! Mother knows best. 

Here’s a few pics of my updated 50’s American Housewife look in this dress. Women now are more modern, they wear heels, they work, they watch sports, etc. I love this look and I hope you will too! (Maybe I’m missing gloves?!)  

If you love this dress as much as me, feel free to order it here from SheIn and make sure to use the code for a discount! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

WhatUp Wednesday #31

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday! I’ve been busy working on some exciting things and I have not written on Wednesdays for a little bit! I’ll just show you a couple of things I’ve been doing! 

First off, I’m loving this dress I wore today from SheIn! It’s so comfortable and I just love all of the colors! Make sure to check it out here and use my code “curvygirl20” for a discount! 

It was so windy today when I took these pictures! 

My son and I went to brunch on Sunday and found this cute restaurant called EggHouse Cafe  We both ordered pancakes and loved them! Too much food to even finish! I posted pics in my IG stories but apparently didn’t save them to my camera roll...

And I finally made it out to Legacy Hall  I was pleasantly surprised by the outside area which everyone has since said is new. I don’t like crowded areas and I found this to be super crowded at lunchtime when we went. I got the chicken and waffles from a waffle place and it was just meh. I didn’t eat it all and I probably wouldn’t get it again. The whole place was filled with lots of places for food and drinks but I’m just not sure I would go again. 

Here are some outfits from the last week- make sure you follow me on Instagram @curvygirlontherun so you can keep up with my pics and stories! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!