September Pinned It, Spinned It: Week Three

It’s hard to believe that September is almost over and today is the first day of fall. Where has the month gone? We have been super busy here with birthdays and soccer and back to school so I sure am grateful for this Pinterest-inspired style challenge!

This past week, I wore all pants. That’s weird because I usually wear a lot of dresses and skirts-the week before, that is all I wore. That’s why style and fashion is so much fun! You can wear what you like and what feels comfortable to you.

Here’s the recap from week 3:

Monday- I have a hard time wearing all orange and black without feeling a little Halloween-y. I like the colors together, but decided to put a spin on it by also including white and wearing patterned pants. This was a fun outfit for me and this blouse is just super fun and gorgeous!

Tuesday- I liked the pin but I didn’t want to wear a dress on this day. I chose to spin it by wearing my favorite pair of neon jeans with a floral sweater. I was comfortable in this outfit and I liked the way it was close to the pin but totally different.

Wednesday- I didn’t take a picture on this day. My son and I went out to dinner at Red Robin for our birthdays and Target so he could spend some birthday money. You will have to trust me that my outfit was fabulous on this day as well!
Thursday- I hadn’t really thought about wearing leopard with pink like this before so I was pleased with the way that this outfit turned out! I like the blend of colors and the scarf really tied everything together. I will try this combo again for sure!

Friday- I hadn’t worn orange and yellow together before either. I liked the pin but I didn’t have a peach sweater so I went for the darker tone of orange instead. I paired my patterned pants with it and I really liked the whole look put together.

So there’s the recap for Week 3! I am looking forward to this last full week of September and spinning the pins that Jamie and Amy provide for us!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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