Forty Before Forty: Snow Day!

Disclosure: This post is from the past-I am guessing it was around December while on Christmas break. While it is entirely possible, please do not be alarmed and think that we have this much snow at the end of April...Enjoy!

Is it really a snow day if you're already off work and school? My son and I thought it was! We recently got about 6-7 inches of snow and we decided to take advantage of it. I found a pair of snow pants at Lands End and decided to take them for a spin! 

You might remember from a while back that I am turning forty this year and I have a list of things to accomplish before then. For winter activities, I have ice skating,building a snowman, and making a snow angel. We decided to build a snowman and do the snow angels. Check those off my list! 

While I live in Michigan and it might seem strange that I haven't built a snowman or made snow angels in years (if ever!), I have to say that for years I traveled and wasn't home in the winter and other than that, I really hate the cold weather! Buying a pair of snow pants forces me to get outdoors and enjoy the snow while staying warm! 

It was so cold outside but we got to work and built the snowman. I really think it turned out more like a snow blob. The snow really wasn't good packing snow since it was light and fluffy. My son looked at it when we were done and announced that his name is Carl. Okay, Carl it is! We then proceeded to mess up the rest of the lawn while throwing snowballs and making snow angels. We followed up our fun with cups of hot chocolate. You know the best part? He thanked me for playing with him and said he had such a fun day. I can't wait to do more activities with my family this year! 

Below are some pictures from our snow day. Enjoy! 

Did you all do anything fun in the snow on your winter break? I would love to hear ideas of other things to do! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Sound and looks like you had tons of fun. We didn't get any snow this year.


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