Marvelous May Style Challenge

May is almost upon us and I decided to create my own style challenge for this month. It wasn't that difficult to do but I did want to make sure that I picked days where items or themes might be appropriate. For example, I chose graphic tees for a weekend. And a Mother's Day weekend theme. Okay you get the point. 

I have loved doing the Style Me monthly challenges and I love that Hilary Rushford put them together. I know that she has been busy lately with filming and building her brand in general, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to create one of my own! 

Anyways, I posted this on Instagram earlier in the week and received a lot of great responses to it. I also am going to up the ante and choose one look per day to feature along with mine on the blog. I think style challenges are a great way to network and connect with others who have similar interests. 

Not only do I enjoy networking while participating in a style challenge, but I also enjoy being creative and getting inspired! I appreciate the hard work that goes into choosing themes for the day and it helps me to put things together that I may have never worn before. It also helps me (and everyone who is participating) to outfit plan and hopefully be able to prepare their outfits in advance. 

All right, so here's the list for May:

If you are on Instagram, be sure that you use the hashtag #marvelousmaystyle so your pictures show up with everyone else's. Also, in order to be featured on the blog, I ask that you follow me on IG and repost so your followers can also join in the fun. That's it! Pretty simple but I hope to inspire others to think outside of their comfort zone and have some fun while getting dressed each day. 

I hope you will join us and I look forward to seeing all of your awesome outfits on Instagram! 



  1. So fun! I already have a few ideas...I am looking forward to the challenge Sandae!

    xoxo M

  2. I will try to join in on this a couple time this month.

  3. This May style challenge looks awesome! Can't wait until it starts.

  4. Looking forward to trying this!



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