Sunday Style: Born In The Wrong Era

I got this dress a few months ago when I took back a different dress and used my return money to get it. I have been waiting to wear it until the weather got better. It's finally starting to get warmer so I decided it was perfect for today's Style Me April challenge which is Born in the Wrong Era. 

I'm not sure what exactly attracted me to this dress. I looked at it for a while before I bought it. I studied the fit and style of the dress. I loved the pleats in the skirt. I think I was most taken aback by the tie. It reminded me of something my mother would have worn back in the 80's. And maybe that's what attracted me to this dress...

I think it's a charming look. I think the color and the print are adorable. It makes me think that this is the type of dress that I wish I would have found in a thrift store instead of on a J Crew Factory website. 

Born in the wrong era. Maybe that's me or maybe I just like what I like. 

Here are some pics of the dress- and yes, I might be just a little bit excited to wear it! 

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! 



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