Transition, Transition, Transition!

I feel like there is always transition happening in my life.  At work, I have been involved in company transitions, change, consulting, etc. for the last few years. At home, we deal with moving parts all of time. In life in general, we deal with changing of holidays and changing of seasons and even the most recent dreaded time change. One thing is constant, and that thing is change. 

Well, for me, I have had a lot of questions about why now to start blogging? This was a big transition for a private person like me. I wanted a creative outlet and I wanted a way to help people realize transition and change- not only in their lives but in their wardrobes. I love doing pieces about wearing one thing multiple ways! I love showing people how to transition items from season to season. As a budget conscious individual who loves to shop way too much, I love to be able to teach people some of my tricks and secrets to make your money and your wardrobe go farther. 

This outfit I am wearing today is no different. I transitioned this tee shirt that I wanted for a while (waited for a sale and then additional 40% off of that) into a piece that I can wear now. I used it as another layering piece on top of a chambray shirt under a jacket. 

The tee is from J Crew, the jacket is from LOFT and the shirt is from Old Navy. I am also wearing my favorite statement necklace from Sassy Steals, a ring from Lia Sophia and my favorite boots from DSW. Today, I am using a great bag from Target. 

What other items do you all have that you love to transition from season to season? What items would you like to see me transition? 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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