Sunday Style: Yellow

I have decided that I'm not quite ready for fall just yet. The temps here are still warm but I do see a few leaves changing colors outside. I'm continuing my color series with a color that is bright and cheerful and I'm wearing a dress for summer still. Why not take advantage of the gorgeous temps that we're having? 

Yellow is the color between green and orange in the spectrum of visible light.  It's the color of ripe lemons, sunflowers and gold. I associate yellow with brightness and happiness, yet according to Wikipedia, if you're in the US and Canada, you associate it with amusement, gentleness and spontaneity but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy and in the US, cowardice. 

Eww I'm not a coward I thought as I read that. I'm bright and somewhat outgoing and cheerful. Yellow makes me shine and brightens my day when I see others wearing a bright yellow color! 

Hmm well in Asia, it's seen as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony and culture. Now that's more like it! 

In ancient Egypt, yellow or gold was considered to be indestructible, imperishable or eternal. Tomb paintings were made using yellow and it was also used in paintings of faces. 

Whether or not you are ready for fall, it's still coming. And there will be lots of yellow in the form of leaves, straw, corn, etc. - let's not forget my favorite, candy corn! Yellow and orange and reds will be all around us! 

Here are some pictures in this sleeveless dress that I purchased a while back- I'm wearing a turquoise bubble necklace with it for fun and more color. Does anyone still even wear bubble necklaces? (Asking for a friend...) I love the Aline silhouette of this dress and the darts! Fantastic! 

Dress- New York and Company (earlier this year)
Necklace- online old 
Heels- Loft (old last year)
Bracelet- Lane Bryant (old)
Clutch- Nordstrom (old)

Hope you all have enjoyed your Sunday! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. I love your dress! It looks fabulous on you! Yellow will always be one of my favorite colors. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect yellow coat.

  2. What a cute clutch's. The weather is still hot here in Maryland as well. Have a great week.


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