WhatUp Wednesday #11

As I sit here writing this, another hurricane is at it again! This time Irma who is hitting the islands and Florida. We have so much to be thankful for here in our warm (or cool) homes with food and water and everything we need. Last week North Texas had a gas issue with everyone and their brother getting gas on Thursday causing a shortage and numerous stations to have no gas even throughout the holiday weekend. Thankfully, I was able to get some in my tank before the crazy madness began so I was unaffected; although I did stay home most of the holiday weekend and conserved the gas that I had.

There hasn’t been a ton of things happening this week. I have been super busy at work (which makes me happy!) and just focusing on that and my son who started school last week. He also started football and is very hesitant but I am confident he will pick it up and enjoy it. Though he’s mad at me now for putting him in it, I hope I have done the right thing and he will thank me later!

Today was our Town Hall meeting at work-we chose to go to the first of six being held this week. We had to wear red shirts so I chose this ruffle top (which you cannot really see under the jacket) and this skirt so I was comfy for sitting but still dressed appropriately.
Jacket- JCrew Factory (old)
Top- Loft (old)
Azure Skirt- Lularoe (old)

Here’s a recap of the other outfits from this week:
Vest- Target (summer)
Dress- Belk (summer)
Sandals- DSW (summer)

Carly Dress- Lularoe (recent)
Sandals- Target (old)

Irma top and Cassie skirt- Lularoe (summer)
Sandals- Ross (summer)

Top and Skirt- JCrew (summer)
Shoes- Betsey Johnson (summer)

I did have the chance to try a product this week and it’s a great one! I was asked to review this electric toothbrush from VONDA off of Amazon and I loved it! I have not actually used an electric toothbrush before so I was happy to try this one. I chose the pink one so it’s cute but functional. I love the different speeds it has on it. You can clean and polish and whiten-all kinds of speeds! It came with three toothbrush heads so this will last me for a while. I wrote a wonderful review of this on Amazon and there is a video of how the toothbrush functions as well.
I also tried a new restaurant that I forgot to tell you all about! It's called arepa and boy is it good! An arepa is round corn cake made from a perfect mixture of corn flour, water and salt. The ingredients are grilled to form a light outer crisp while the inside stays fluffy. I got a veggie one with portabella and peppers and chees and jicama on the side. Delicious! 

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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