WhatUp Wednesday #36

Hey friends! It’s that time again! I am loving the summer but not the heat we have been getting. I don’t know about you all but it seems like it got hotter a lot earlier here in TX. I feel like we are having temps that normally come around later in August! Such is life I suppose! This past week I actually did a few things so that was super fun. I will write about the restaurants that I visited below. I will also recap the outfits from this past week. I haven’t really been watching any new shows since The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu ended- I am just looking forward to the next season of it. I really hope Serena rises up against her husband-maybe with some handmaids or Marthas. But alas I am watching The Office again on Netflix and laughing my way through the week.

Here’s an outfit of the day recap for you including a new pic from Galveston that I didn’t show yet:

I forgot to add the link to this dress above from SheIn above last week. You can shop it here and use my code "curvygirl20" for a discount!

As far as outings this week, I did manage to have some fun. I only have a little more time until my son gets back from his summer break and starts school so I am trying to really make the most of it!

I went to Sixty Vines with my friend Amber and we wined down Wednesday. We each did a wine flight which was fun. She had a variety but I love white so stuck with that. I ordered the Squash Blossom pizza and it was fantastic!

I also went out on Saturday night with some friends. I met new friends and partied with old friends. We had a blast going to Wheelhouse for dinner, drinks before and after at a friend’s house and then went to bars downtown and even did a little dancing. It was such a fun time! At Wheelhouse, I got the Quinoa Falafel and ordered a couple of Hydrotherapy drinks which were filled with cucumbers and deliciousness. I took an Uber home and it had a flat so had to switch Ubers on the way home- that was interesting but made it home safe and sound.

Here are a few pics from this night out:

I am planning on writing a separate post about the Curvy Summer Scene and my weekend away in Galveston- shouldn’t be too much longer until I post that!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. Sounds like you have been having a great summer.



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