Sunday Style: The Butterfly Effect

In this blog post, I thought I would get a little personal- not too personal, but just a little. I am wearing this gorgeous navy blue dress embroidered with butterflies from SheIn. It is a perfect little dress for the hot summer temps that we are currently having. I paired some fun sparkly sandals and some tassel earrings to complete the look. 

Why butterflies though? Have you all seen my butterfly tattoo? It is funny because some people probably don't even notice it or don't know I have one at all. I actually got this butterfly tattoo when I was first separated from my ex-husband a few years ago. I had wanted a tattoo but just never had the guts to get one or really wanted to get this particular one until I went through something really hard. I realized that I would be reminded every time I looked at it of my scars and the way I used to feel. 

It hit me. I am a butterfly. I have to transform. Butterflies are not beautiful or even cute when they are first born. They are ugly caterpillars. They transform through metamorphosis and then, only then do they become the beautiful creatures that we see. 

Did you know that butterflies defend themselves by becoming what their environment looks like? They can blend in to look like a tree so their predators don't get them. Some can also emit a chemical that makes their enemies think that they taste bad so they will leave them alone. I think about this and feel I have done both really.  I have blended in to look like my surroundings to survive and I have also emitted terrible things in the way of words and actions to survive. 

The greatest threat to a butterfly is climate change or a change to its habitat. I moved from Michigan to Texas to further my career and better myself. After a challenging few years, I felt the move was necessary to survive although I think many thought I would not.  I have found myself transformed into truly a new person. I look different and act different and I am happy to not only be surviving but to be thriving in my new environment. 

Butterflies are not just around to be pretty.  They are also around to help flowers pollinate, eat weedy plants and provide a food source to other animals. Butterflies are also deep representations of life just like in my example. They are often associated with resurrection or transformation. Around the world people also view the butterfly to be representing endurance, change, hope and life. 

The Butterfly Effect is a theory that one small thing like a butterfly flapping its wing can make way for a tornado somewhere else. It is believed that such a small thing or movement such as this can make way for a larger one. I got to thinking about this. 

In my life, I want to be the small influence on someone causing a much bigger effect. Helping women realize they are beautiful no matter their size. Helping them understand that it is okay to wear whatever they want and to be truly freed from the taunts of others. Confidence plays a big part in this. I am working on being more confident every day-whether it is in my personal or professional life-as I know many of you are too. I hope that one small action like writing an encouraging comment on your IG post or baring my body in a swimsuit will help you all to realize you can do it too. May we start a movement bigger than all of us. The Butterfly Effect. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you have, please feel free to share with others. Sometimes knowing others have or are currently still going through the same things help us to feel better about ourselves. 

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Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. I have watch you grow to be a more confident person over the year. You do you girl. My daughter had a butterfly land on her shoe on Saturday.


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