Sunday Style: Talbots and Dress For Success

This post is sponsored by Talbots and Stylinity. 

I am so excited to partner with Talbots on a new project! I have loved Talbots for years for their classic pieces but I also love that they have a special relationship with none other than (drumroll please) Oprah herself! 

Let me explain...For the fourth year, the O Magazine has partnered with Talbots on a special collection benefiting one of my favorite charities, Dress For Success, of which 30% of the net proceeds goes to them! You can help support the cause by buying one of the special pieces from this collection or you can donate money in a store or online at

Many of you know that I used to volunteer in Michigan at the Dress For Success in Ann Arbor for a couple of years. Nothing is better than helping women pick out outfits that can change their lives. A simple job interview outfit that we take for granted can be found at Dress For Success. Many of these women are coming from shelters or broken homes and are in need of the basics. They are so grateful for any and all clothing, shoes and accessories that they are given to help them get that job or have clothes to wear to work! 

I chose a piece from this collection and wanted to show you all how versatile and comfortable this dress is! I wore it out for a fun afternoon in the botanical garden with my friend and her son. We had some fun in the children’s garden and I found this dress to be so easy to get around in and easy breezy paired with a pair of tennis shoes! 

You can shop my dress here 

I have an abundance of clothing so decided to go to the mall with my donation to my local Talbots store! Here’s a picture of me and the beautiful associate accepting my donation! 

This dress that I’m wearing is also from Talbots! I love that it can be dressed up or down. The fabric is so stretchy and comfy! I dressed it up with these red strappy shoes also from Talbots but it would also be fab with a pair of tennis shoes for running around! Enjoy these pics of this look as well! 

You can shop this dress and shoes here 

I’ve always believed that clothing can make or break your attitude and your spirit!  Confidence is key! I’m so glad that Talbots partners with Dress For Success and these women can feel the same way that I do! Over 100,000 women have been helped by this initiative! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about this initiative and that you take action yourself! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Congrats on your partnership.


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