Sandae Styles...A Polka Dot Maxi Skirt!

This post is sponsored by Jessica London

Hi friends! Welcome to the first of hopefully many editions of Sandae Styles...!! I’m going to be taking one piece of clothing and showing you at least three ways to wear it for separate occasions! I think it’s important to buy items that you will get a lot of wear out of and I want to show you how to do just that! 

For this first post, I’ve partnered with Jessica London to show you this beautiful polka dot maxi skirt and all of the items that I show you are also from Jessica London

I want to make these posts easy for you to replicate and I’ll include all links if you want to purchase these exact items. I will link each item under the last picture of each look so you can just click and shop away! 

Let’s get started! 

Pro tip: Start with a basic skirt or even a pant if you don’t like skirts and follow the same formula to achieve the same or a similar look. The “basic” skirt that I chose was this black and white polka dot maxi. It’s fully lined and has plenty of volume as you will see in some of these pics. It was super windy out while we were shooting! 

For the first look, I thought about making it a little edgier. You know you could wear this look to the office and then to happy hour afterwards even if you wanted! If a leather jacket is too much for your office, then pair it with a black blazer and you’ll achieve the same look. 

It’s pretty cold this week up here in Michigan so I paired a pretty green turtleneck with the skirt and then a black leather jacket on the top. I paired these little fun sock booties to complete the look. I try not to accessorize too much when I’m showing off items of clothing as I feel the focus is on them but I did pair some silver earrings with this look as it matches the silver detailing on the jacket. 

You can shop the skirt here 
You can shop the turtleneck here 
You can shop the jacket here 
You can shop the booties here 

For the second look, I thought for sure you can wear this to work but it’s a bit more fun with some pattern mixing! I love taking a color that’s the same in both items and mixing it up! I have a floral top that is black and white with some pink in it and I paired it with the skirt and some heels for a fun daytime look! I also have the jacket from the first look because I think it looks great over top of this as well. It’s especially helpful if you’re new to pattern mixing and maybe a little self conscious about it still- don’t worry, I was there before too! 

You can shop the skirt here 
You can shop the top here
You can shop the jacket here 
You can shop the shoes here 

For the last look, I took it casual. Think an afternoon of shopping or strolling through a museum. This look is so perfect for this! I took a white denim jacket and paired it with a pink tank and the skirt.  I added some white tennis shoes and a crossbody bag for ultimate comfort. I also strategically put on teal earrings for just that extra ummph of color and fun! This outfit might be my favorite of all three! 

You can shop the jacket here 
You can shop the tank top here 
You can shop the skirt here
You can shop the tennis shoes here 

Which of these Jessica London looks is your favorite? It’s hard to choose but I know each one of you will like something different! That’s the purpose of these posts is to show you ideas and ways that you can make the items you buy and those already in your closet go further! 

Ideas for more Sandae Styles...posts? Leave them in the comments and I might choose yours next time! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. I have a polka a dot skirt in my closet and it has become a staple piece.

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