House of Shine

I received an email asking me if I would like to come and visit the House of Shine and take a tour and maybe a workshop. This is how it all started. I didn’t know anything about the House of Shine or what it was. I looked it up on the internet to find out more information and was pleasantly surprised at the fun interior and photo ops there were. Little did I know what I was in for. 

The workshop I was scheduled to attend was called Name Your Year. It was rescheduled from January to February. I got there a few minutes before the class started and registered and found a seat. I was nervous when I saw the paper on the table as I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

We started the class available both in person and via Zoom and I quickly became absorbed with learning what was going on in my life. We did a stop light which red was stop doing these things this year, yellow was continue doing these things and green was start doing these things. Now pick one of the red ones that you want to stop doing and let’s dig into why you keep doing it. I’m telling you I felt like I was in an hour of therapy and I walked out of there with a mission and a plan. I haven’t felt so empowered in a long time to start making moves. 

You see I went into this thinking what is this and left thinking you all need to see this! That’s what House of Shine is about. It’s about learning about yourself and digging deeper into what makes you you and what makes you tick. It’s also about meeting great people and being a space that eventually will be open to field trips and children and getting people to learn more about themselves. I was so moved to be a part of their day- just to attend a workshop and be given a tour. This is the reason why I do what I do! To help others get to know places like this and what’s available out there! 

Let me say this, the place is super cute! There are a lot of fun photo ops and the yellow theme is so bright and cheery. Right now the admission is free due to a generous donor who wants more people to experience this place for themselves. They offer fun workshops as well and will eventually offer much more once Covid gets more under control. 

House of Shine helps young and old alike learn more about who they are and why their contribution matters. On their website they say it’s like opening a giant fortune cookie and revealing new things about yourself and new possibilities. It is an interactive museum that won’t take a ton of time to go through but will definitely make an impact on you and your family!

By the way, they help you to find your SHINE! 
S- Strengths
H- Hobbies 
I- Interests and Irritants 
N- Needs 
E- Experiences

They encourage you to BE DO SHARE. Share your Shine! Such a fun and impactful mission! 

You will see in the pictures below that I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I am hoping to go back when I can! 

House of Shine is a non-profit interactive museum and is a 501c3. Stop in while there is free admission and check it out! There’s also a telephone on the wall that will give you a word that has meaning in your life. Mine was eerily correct on something I’ve been focusing on! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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