Outstanding October Style: Days 15-22

I realize I am a little late in posting these looks this time. I hope you all will forgive me for not posting this sooner! I've been extremely busy at work the last couple of weeks and then I wrote this post and then somehow deleted the whole thing! Oh well- here goes the recap! 

I don't know about you all but the weather here is getting colder. Outside pictures on some days are freezing and layers are starting to pile on! Fall is almost over it feels like and winter is beginning! While I am writing this, it is currently cloudy and 50 degrees outside! 

I'm feeling a little nostalgic about the waning of warmer temps but I am loving all of the fall clothes! Everyone has been doing such a great job of keeping up with the daily themes too! Here's a recap from the past week or so:

Day 15-Mix It Up! - I decided I really didn't need another leopard cardigan but I saw how so many people were wearing it and it seemed so versatile, so I decided to pick it up a few weeks back in the BOGO 50% off sale at Target. I mixed it up with polka dots and I also decided to add more leopard to the mix and wear my leopard pumps. I loved the end result! 

I chose to feature @fabulouslythrifty for this day because I loved her patten mixing! I love the plaid and camo together but with the crochet vest and statement necklace, it really is great! 

Day 16- Nerdy Chic- I'm not really sure what I was thinking this day when I made this up. I decided though to go with this sweater and show two different ways to wear it. I wore this navy pleated skirt and bow pumps for work and then changed to jeans and a vest for a more casual look. I love showing how to wear clothing items multiple ways too- oh and notice the glasses? 

My girl Dawn @fashionshouldbefun had the same idea as me! I love her look and of course, anyone who has their nose in a book! 

Day 17- I Really Love My...- For this day, I doubled up on style challenges and also did a Pinned It, Spinned It look. I really love leopard and this bow top and these riding boots and my cobalt Quinn. 

I love this look from @emptyneststyle for this day! Such a fun mix of prints and colors! 

Day 18- Mad About Plaid- I chose to wear a blanket scarf on this day with a vest and layers since we had an outdoor soccer game on this day. I literally used this as a blanket and wrapped it around me since it was so cold! 

I loved this look from @kristy_tatum for this day. Plaid and polka dots and leopard? Sign me up! 

Day 19- Sassy In Stripes- I wanted to wear this skirt again before it gets too cold! I decided to put a plaid under the striped sweatshirt and wear leopard heels for even more pattern mixing fun! I love the way this turned out! You can read more about this look in last week's Sunday Style post. 

Katy from @wearwhatwhere has a great look with this striped dress and bright blue flats! Love it! 

Day 20- Red, Red Wine- I loved this song when I was younger and I still love it when it comes on the radio! I chose to go with a wine colored cardigan and paired it with navy and boyfriend jeans. Nothing too fancy but when you add the accessories, you get a whole different look! 

@fashionistasincle looks great in her red for this day! What a pretty skirt! It really makes the outfit! 

Day 21- Oh, You Fancy- Yes, I like to be fancy sometimes! I wore this beaded blouse under a beaded sweatshirt and dressed it up with pink pumps! 

@happygal1976 always has such great looks for all of these days. She did a pinterest inspired outfit and has her cutie posing with her! Oh, you fancy! 

Day 22- Leopard Spots and Polka Dots- I decided to wear this camel sweater (it was Wednesday after all) with a striped skirt and I layered the polka dot shirt under it and leopard booties. This was a fun look and I really liked it! 

@haleyp717 is definitely rocking those leopard spots and polka dots! I love the gold too! How fun! 

Whew! That was a fun few days! I love recapping these and looking back on all of the fun themed days! I can't believe the month of October is almost over, but it is. I'll be posting the last week of Outstanding October Style looks soon! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Such fun style. New to your blog and I'm loving it. And those plaid flats! I must find those?!?!

    1. Thank you and welcome to the blog! The plaid flats are from J Crew Factory- I think they are online now.

  2. So many great outfit. I love your plaid flats.


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