Oh Joy!

Hey everyone! You might have seen my post on Instagram this past week about this Lularoe Joy that I got from Lularoe Leigh Wohar. This was the first time that I have ever tried a Joy and it was love at first sight. I tried a green one and decided I would wear it with a Classic tee and a Madison skirt that I already had in my closet. This is the first outfit of many that I will be wearing with this Joy!

So, for those of you out there wondering what the heck a Joy is, it is a sleeveless long wrap that has slits on the bottom on each side.  I love that the slits come up high enough so I can still stick my hands in my pockets. I wore it over an outfit but I wanted to show other ways that the Joy can be wrapped.

Here is the original way that I wore it yesterday-open and flying around in the wind. I think I will also be wearing it this way over my Julias as well! I love the additional layer!

But then there's also other ways you can wear it- like how about this way with it wrapped around? I took the two ends and wrapped them in front and tied them in the back. You can tuck the back in your skirt or leave it open in the back. I think it looks better with the Madison tucked in but a Cassie skirt would look awesome untucked. A lace Joy would be super pretty this way as well! Oh, and Joys are not only sweaterish looking like this! There's lace or more of a chiffon and patterned, etc. Lots and lots of options!

You can see a little bit of it hanging in the back in this picture:

And here it is tucked in the back of the skirt:

And then there's another way you can wear it too! Again, I think it might look better with a Cassie skirt (which is a pencil skirt) because it is straight but I turned the Joy around and now it is a whole other look! I think a lace one would be so pretty this way too! Especially if you put a tank under it. A beautiful sleeveless look for the summer!

Today I wore it over this Julia for lots of green!

I hope you all enjoyed these ideas and a few different ways to wear your Joy!

Guess what! Leigh is so giving that she has agreed to give each of you a $10 discount when you join her Facebook group! Find her on Facebook by typing in Lularoe Leigh Wohar and request to join!  Just mention my name or the blog name when checking out and she will apply your discount! Use it on a Joy or a Madison or a Julia...the list goes on and on! One of the reasons I love Leigh's Lularoe shop is that she leaves her albums up 24/7! Not many consultants do this-you have to wait for a sale on Facebook or Instagram or a Live sale or a Group sale but not with Leigh! Shop anytime you want and don't forget to check out her leggings karaoke with her husband!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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