WhatUp Wednesday #8

This week’s post is coming to you live from Raleigh, NC. I had to go for work this week and while I like NC, I am happy to be heading home tomorrow. Home. To Texas. Wow-still surreal to think that TX is home for me. I love it there and it feels like I belong. I digress…

So, I have been here in Raleigh since Monday and it has been raining but thankfully we had a beautiful day here today. I wore this fun patterned wrap dress that I got in my last Dia&Co box and these sandals that match perfectly!

To change the subject though, about a week and a half ago, I visited the Dallas Botanical Gardens. I promised to share some of it with you. I went early (which I would strongly suggest that you all do as well if you decide to go) and it worked out great. I actually went there thanks to Groupon and a discounted fee and I will definitely go back again. I am thinking of purchasing an annual pass since it is only $89 for me and a friend to visit year-round and parking is included. If you do not purchase parking online (which is only $8), it is $15 at the gate- a substantial savings and a pass covers all of that as well.

So, when I went, it was the last weekend that the sculptures were in the gardens. I took some pictures with and without them since some of them were extremely interesting. Here are a few of my pics from this adventure:

Since last week, I have been super busy at work so I apologize for not writing as much. I have a hard time working all day and then coming home and sitting down and typing and blogging. But, I have worn lots of fun outfits and enjoyed the pool and the sunshine. Here are some outfit pics in case if you missed them on Instagram:

Finally, here is what I am loving this week. I finished watching Arrested Development on Netflix. I must agree with the critics that the first three seasons were better than the fourth. I am looking forward to the 5th season that is scheduled to arrive in 2018. This was the first time watching this show ever and I loved it! I also watched a new show on Netflix called Friends From College. I enjoyed this show and it reminded me of some of my friends at a point in my life. It was fun and romantic with some twists and turns along the way.

 I also read the book 13 Reasons Why (finally) and I found it every bit as poignant as the critics said it was. I do not want to watch the Netflix series because I love the way I pictured these characters in my mind. Suicide is no joke. I enjoyed the book, but to be honest, it really bothered me that every little thing made this girl feel as if she had no hope. If you are young and reading this post, know that you will get through it and it does get better! High school sucks. Being a kid can sometimes suck. But life is so wonderful and magical and you have so much better coming your way! If you are suicidal or are contemplating thoughts of suicide, you can call the hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or I just heard a TED talk that you can text to 411411.

It’s been a long post so I am going to tap out- I will write more next week on what’s going on in the big D.

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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