Sunday Style: Zigzag

I’ll be honest with you all. It’s been a hard week. From personal issues like a job loss to political issues- don’t get me started!- it’s been quite a week! It’s exhausting to think abut things too much- especially things we have no control over. I used to be the Queen of Over-Thinking but in more recent days, I struggle to even be interested in why things are the way they are. I can’t control what happens in my life, but I can control how I react. This is what therapy has taught me, friends, and I continue to do this even now. Don’t get me wrong, I still analyze and wonder, but I don’t sit and cry about it (usually) on a regular basis. Job loss aside, that was a shock and my way of supporting my family, so of course I was sad and upset about it. 

Speaking of that though, I guess I could be zig-zagging on my thoughts of the whole job loss situation. As I’ve mentioned before on Instagram, I will not say who I worked for or anything negative. But I will say, it has been amazing having this last week off and getting things in order. I did apply for unemployment and I’ve also registered with the work thing in TX so I really hope to get something before too long. It’s a hard time trying to find a job at the end of the year since that is when most employers are getting rid of people so they finish the year off positively - me, case in point. I have a couple of lists that I made this week- one for things I want/need to do and one of places I want to go. I hope to get a lot of these accomplished while I’m off! (PS if you know of anything- I have an MBA and years in the financial industry of management, teaching, training, project management, and vendor management). 

So I thought it fitting to write about zig-zagging since this Fashionnova Curve dress does just that. It zigzags around my curves and I ain’t mad about it at all. My one beef with this dress is I wish it matched up in the back. It’s usually a sign of good quality when lines match up. I think especially in the back it is important for seams to line up. It might not be as noticeable if it was a side seam, but I have a big backside making it incredibly noticeable. This is a dress  from Fashionnova Curve which isn’t really high quality. It is fast fashion which I also love as it gives me the ability to try new styles and trends on a budget. You can shop there using my code ONTHERUN for a discount! Now on to the pics! 

I used a new filter on these pics and I’m kind of loving it! What do you all think?! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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