WhatUp Wednesday #47

Hello there! It’s been a few weeks since I did a WhatUp Wednesday post but I’m getting back in the groove of things and wanting to get you all caught up as well! 

So first things first! I went to a super fun pop up exhibit in Fort Worth the other night called Snap151. Think Museum of Ice Cream or something along those lines but instead of rooms there are backdrops where you can take pics to your heart’s content! I went with a friend so we could take each other’s pics and I had so much fun! I’ve been posting in my stories as well over on Instagram so make sure you follow along there as well so you can see even more! 

I wore this fun outfit from Eloquii because I thought it would blend in and be fun with all of the different backgrounds! You can shop the sweater here and the skirt here. Here are a few pics that we took: 

If you decide to go to the pop up, the dates are January 7-27 and use my code CURVYGIRL10 for a discount on your tickets! 

I went to a new restaurant also this week for lunch in Frisco called Didi’s and it was very delicious! I guess it was another restaurant before and someone bought this location and fixed it up. I got the patty melt and my friend got the chicken tenders and both were amazing! It was also so nice out that we got to sit outside on the patio! The food and service was great and I’d definitely recommend this restaurant! 

I’ve been posting my outfits on Instagram every day so like I said before, you can follow me there for more day to day looks and stories. Here are a few looks that I’ve shared over the last few weeks that you may not have seen! 

I’ve also had a lot of time to watch some Netflix. I finished Cheers again for the I don’t know how many times but it was just as good this time around as the last! Sam is a continual heartbreaker until the last episode where he learns what his true love is- the bar. I’d encourage you to check it out and watch the series if you haven’t before. It’s classic dry humor which is why I went right into watching Frasier again. It’s the same character from Cheers and the same sense of humor. 

Okay so I watched Nailed It Holiday and laughed a lot! I’d say the first episode is absolutely the best one out of the series. I’m not sure why the rest weren’t as funny but the first one had me howling out loud! 

I also started watching The Innocent Man but haven’t really had the time to get into it. I think I might revisit it over the weekend or something. Basically a guy is in prison for a murder he says he didn’t commit. 

I started the first episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo so I could understand what everyone was raving about. I like what I’ve seen so far and the folding trick has me excited to do this in my own dresser! I’ll have to keep you all posted on how I feel about the series. 

I did watch Ellen’s special Relatable and it was meh kinda funny but not as funny as some of her other stuff. I enjoyed t and did laugh. It’s light hearted and fun as she compares herself to the middle class or poor people. Turns out we all have the same kind of problems no matter how much money we have! 

I watched Dumplin the movie which was cute and sappy. I enjoyed the movie a lot and loved the soundtrack as well. I won’t ruin the movie but think about Jennifer Anniston as a mom and washed up beauty queen to an overweight girl who doesn’t care about the pageant unless if she gets to sabotage it. 

I also watched the whole first season of Idiotest- it’s called Idiot Test but that’s how it’s spelled - I’m not sure if it’s the only season or not- but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. The host looks like he shopped at Kohls  for a Nickelodeon network type game show. It’s basically calling people idiots if they cannot get the answer right on puzzles or tests that he shows them. The premise is okay but the host has a weird way of transitioning and using his sense of humor. 

The last show I will tell you about is InstaFamous. I enjoyed watching these ten minute clips of different famous Instagram accounts. It was interesting and I even started following some of them! 

That’s about it for tonight! Any other shows I should be watching? Let me know! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Dumplin was such a great movie. The pop up sounds like a lot of fun.



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