Sunday Style: Black and White

You’re on a trip to Italy and you know you’ll have a photographer. You also know that you’ll need a something black and white for a group photo. You know that other women in the group think you’re “extra” but you don’t care. Wear the damn dress. And bring an extra one which is more extra than the first one. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you. 

That’s just what I did. I grabbed this fun little dress from Anthropologie - actually both of the dresses are from there- but I did a Nuuly order and sent them back after I returned from the trip. 

Do you know what Nuuly is? You can rent clothes which is great for travel or if you have a small closet and can’t keep everything. You can get six items at a time. Use my link here and try it if you haven’t already- it’s so fun! 

I regularly do try-on reels on my Instagram too so you can check those out too for more inspiration and see types of items that I’ve ordered! 

Anyways, wear the dress(es!)! Be as extra as you want to be. I plan to continue doing the same. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. love the poke a dot dress.

  2. Both dresses are superb and beautiful, both looks good on you but my favorite is the first one, The Polka dot Dress, the fit is perfect and it suits you well. That’s the perfect dress for you. Love it.<3


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