Travel Tuesday: Hotel Viata Austin TX

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to take a little trip back to Austin! You might remember me showing you this hotel from the summer, but Hotel Granduca is now Hotel Viata

The hotel not only changed it’s name but it’s branding as well. The interior of the lobby is now beautiful and modern with a little store near the check in area. The hotel’s restaurant called Laurel is newly renovated and has a great bar area as well. There’s also a spa!! 

It was wonderful to go back and I didn’t leave the entire time I was there! Why would I? I was comfortable in my room, I had great food downstairs and a spa! I did not bring a swimsuit but if you do visit, know that the pool is actually heated and there’s a hot tub to enjoy as well! 

Let me show you around! 

I arrived to find a nice bottle of bubbly and a little board for me to enjoy. There’s also a bottle of wine in the room for you to drink or take home. 

The room is nice and inviting and when you go, ask for a view. You won’t regret it! Seeing the rolling hills and downtown Austin in the distance is a beautiful sight! 

My first meal was dinner on Christmas Eve and it was so delicious! Ask for Simo- he works evenings and is the best server! 

Here’s what I was served for dinner: 

Laurel Salad 
Joyce Farms Bone In Chicken Breast 
Pistachio Cake (I forget the name of this dessert) 
Aperol Spritz 

One thing I love about Hotel Viata is that they have real coffee cups and saucers in the rooms. I feel so classy drinking my morning coffee! 

Next up it’s Christmas and I am ready to have the famous Christmas Brunch! Wow this spread was amazing! I can’t believe all the food and drinks! I had a beautiful little table and even met a couple of new friends! The servers walked around and took your empty plates and glasses and brought you anything else you might want! They’ll even take pics for you! 

Brunch was at 11:30 so about 7 I decided to go down and get a pizza! I ordered the Margherita pizza which was delicious! Gotta make sure I have some wine to enjoy too. 

Morning came and the sunrise was amazing! And now I know the day will be good with some room service breakfast and then a trip to the spa! 

The spa is gorgeous! Very sleek and modern! I have a feeling the rest of the hotel will be matching that motif soon…but that’s for another time…I got a massage and a facial and it was amazing! My skin was feeling fresh without makeup! I love that they provide robes and slippers to wear in the spa as well as all of the amenities you might need to get ready after you’ve had your services. 

Before I left, I took a few more pics of the restaurant and lobby so you can see all of the amazing upgrades. 

Hotel Viata is definitely something you’ll want to experience for yourself! If you’re in the Austin area, schedule a weekend away and enjoy! If you travel from out of town, put this hotel on your list for some quiet time outside of the city! 

I think you can tell from this post and all the pictures that I enjoyed my visit so much! I’ll definitely be coming back! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 




  1. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time.


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