Outstanding October Style: Days 23-31

October has come and gone. I can't believe we are already into November! We've been having some crazy weather here which makes dressing each day and taking pictures a little harder. With the time change, it is getting so dark early too which isn't very compatible with my picture-taking needs! 

Anyways, let's recap the last days of the style challenge!

Day 23- Thrifted Thursday- I found this fun houndstooth sweater at the thrift store last month and paired it with a black skirt and shoeties. 

@punkin1027 looks great in her thrifted gray cape. What a great find! I never can believe some of the stuff that is sitting in thrift stores! 

Day 24- Animal Instinct- I decided to wear my favorite fox sweater with a pink gingham and jeans. This is one of my favorite looks too from last year! 

I wanted to feature @queserasarah because she went all out with the animal theme! She is mixing and matching all kinds of animals and I love it! 

Day 25- Warm and Cozy- I definitely needed to be warm and cozy on this day since it was cold and windy.  I'm wearing some of my favorite pieces including a blanket scarf, sweatshirt, jeans and boots. 

Warm and cozy can also be worn inside! I love this look from @_cheapfrills and her little one! Matchy matchy and they definitely look warm and cozy! 

Day 26- Skirting the Issue- I wrote a Sunday Style post about this one. I love this floral skirt from New York and Company! 

I love this look from @vmberger for this day. What a great dress and I love that her accessories and nails match! 

Day 27- I Made This!- I decided to do a Pinterest inspired outfit for this day so I just wore some bracelets that I made over the summer with the outfit. 

I love that @jplmm1118 made her own skirt and monogrammed tee! How crafty and cute is she? 

Day 28- Pinned It, Did It- I think wearing a Pinterest inspired outfit makes planning so easy! I did a few of them this week! 

@style_for_a_steal looks fantastic in this outfit that is Pinterest- inspired! I love the cobalt and black! 

Day 29- Scarf Savvy- I chose this Pinterest outfit because I liked the way it all looked together. I changed it up a bit and also put the herringbone best over it. My scarf is kind of tucked in in this picture so you can't really see it that well. 

@eaa_mn looks great in this perfect fall outfit! I love the sweater with buttons and the elbow patches and the scarf looks great! 

Day 30- Fur Real- As if I needed an excuse to wear this vest that I got last year! I chose to pair it with this great dress and change the look of it from the last time I wore it. 

This is such a great look from @twiginpink. I am loving the grays and browns together and that vest is awesome! 

Day 31- Orange Crush- Halloween was such a nasty day weather wise. This picture isn't even that great since we took it in the rain. I did do a classic orange and black outfit though for the day. 

I love this look from @hungryfashionistas! She is doing the same thing as me and using the colors but doesn't look Halloween-y or costume-y. Looks great! 

Thanks to everyone who played along with me and participated in Outstanding October Style! This was a great fashionable month and I look forward to seeing more from all of you fabulous gals on Instagram! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. love you vest. I know it crazy it November already.

  2. I have to know!! The Jeans in the outfit you wore with the yellow cardigan, where did you get them!?!? They are fabulous! The boots too, oh and the cardigan! Lol please share!!!

    1. These jeans are old from Avenue last year- I am currently loving jeans from Eloquii too right now! The cardigan is from Loft a year or two ago. The boots are Bandolino brand from DSW also a few years old. For the recap posts like this, I don't usually say where everything is from but I do tag them on the Instagram picture so you can always check there. Thanks for reading!


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