That's Mine! (A Monogram Giveaway, too!)

I've seen and heard those quotes about monogramming everything. "If it's not monogrammed, is it even yours?" "If it doesn't move, monogram it". I could go on and on. Monogramming items isn't anything new. I remember as a kid having an off white crew neck sweater with my initials on it. I also had one of those fun wooden handle purses that was pink that had a white monogram on it. I think monograms are fun and really show that the item belongs to me! 

I was thrilled to be asked to work with The Pink Monogram and showcase an item from their collection! Talk about hard to pick what I wanted to review!  I decided to go with this quarter-zip pullover for a few different reasons. First, the color- I mean, it's pink! Secondly, I love the design of this so much with the huge front middle pocket that both of my hands can go in and the holes in the sleeves for my thumbs. Thirdly, it's supposedly Spring here in Michigan but we've been having some cold weather lately and this is great to wear while I'm out walking or in the park or at soccer practice! 

I took a few pictures while I was out at the park the other day. The sun was actually shining and it wasn't as cold as it was today but I still was glad to have pockets for my hands! I know I usually am "dressed up" to some people but this look to me is perfect for doing the things I mentioned above and I don't feel bad about wearing it either! I feel cute and still put together for the activities that I need to do. 

Check out a few pictures from the park:

You know the best part about this? I have teamed up with The Pink Monogram to give one of you lucky ladies the same sweatshirt that I have! Well, it's going to have your initials on it but it will be the same-this one is mine! 

Here's how to enter: 
Check out the Rafflecopter in the upper right hand corner of the blog. Follow the steps for your chance to win! That's it! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! It's so comfy and cute and really is the perfect piece of outerwear for the Spring! Make sure you stop by their site and see all of the wonderful things that they have to offer! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Love the color and I love monograms!!!

  2. You look so cute in this monogrammed sweater! And I totally agree, a pullover like this is just perfect for running errands.

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  3. Oh and my favourite of the PInk Monogram store items is totally the monogrammed tote! Wouldnt that be cute worn with this sweater?! Love it!


  4. I love the Monogrammed Cashmere Ladies Round Neck Sweater With Welted Trims.

  5. I love their monogrammed towel wrap in solid colors, the blue is my favorite!

  6. I love their monogrammed towel wrap in solid colors, the blue is my favorite!

  7. I love the monogrammed plush robe!

  8. I love the monogrammed plush robe!

  9. I love the monogrammed rugby shirts!
    Erika W.


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