Sunday Style: Fuchsia

It's been a little while since I have posted a Sunday Style post on the blog! I've been busy with life and just haven't been able to get to it. I hope this changes and I'm able to post much more!

I've been talking colors on the blog in a few of my Sunday Style posts and I thought today I'd do another one and talk about one of my favorite colors, fuchsia. 

Fuchsia is a variation of pink. When you mix other colors with pink, light or warm, they create new versions of the color. Fuchsia is a deep pink mixed with blue. I'm drawn to brighter colors but I love the meaning behind this one. Fuchsia is all about inspiring confidence and assurance and maturity, a more responsible and controlled nurturing and love. You are confident and not afraid to take action. Remember that the journey is often more important than the outcome. 

I cannot love this any more. In my life, sometimes confidence is lacking. I'm going to start wearing brighter colors more often and see if that changes. I have always said, when you look good, you feel good! 

Today's dress was gifted to me from Coldwater Creek and I couldn't be more happy with it! The color of course is a favorite but the cut and material of this dress is phenomenal! If you are like me and have a midsection (having a baby can do that to you- oh, and gravity!), this dress is a must-have. I love the illusion it gives in the front of tying everything up and giving you a waist and showing off your hips. This dress is available in several colors, each of them I know is just as gorgeous as the last.  

You can check out the rest of the Coldwater Creek spring catalog here.

Here are some pics of this gorgeous fuchsia dress: 

Happy Sunday! Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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