Less Bitter, More Glitter

The saying goes "Spread Kindness around like Glitter" -okay it is really "Spread Kindness around like Confetti", but why not glitter instead? Glitter can be messy, it can be hard to clean up and can be fun and colorful. Just like our lives. Just a friendly reminder that this time of year can especially be a hard time for people. Holidays are a time when a lot of people see their friends and family but sometimes people don’t have anyone. Or maybe there are some people who don’t have much money to get gifts. Or some are remembering those that are no longer with us here on earth.

Regardless of how you do or do not celebrate, remember to throw kindness around freely! Less bitterm more glitter! It’s a great time to spread cheer but so is all year!

 Show a smile to a stranger or pay for someone’s drink behind you in line. Write someone a note to tell them how much you appreciate them. Random acts of kindness are good all throughout the year.

When all else fails, wear glitter! I found that I left a trail of glitter behind me everywhere I went today. But you know what, I wasn’t mad about it! And gold glitter nonetheless! Some people see it as a hassle and don’t want it in their way, but I see a constant reminder of a happy little accident. An accident of an outfit that made me cheerful and hopefully helped me to smile a little more and brighten someone else’s day.

I am wearing a couple of pieces from the Elegant Collection from LuLaRoe. I am wearing an olive green Carly that has glitter squares on it and a Sarah that is gray with gold hearts on it. A bright and cheerful combination! And don’t forget about the boots that have glitter on the back of them!

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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