WhatUp Wednesday #26

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Well we are halfway through this week and today’s the last day of February already! I can’t believe how fast this month flew by compared to January that felt like it had 105 days in it! 

This last week was interesting to say the least. I didn’t post on Wednesday last week- I did a day late on Thursday since I didn’t have enough time on Wednesday. But I did want to share a story about kindness that happened to me on that day. Amongst all of the sadness and bad things that are happening in the world, one thing did make me believe a little more in the kindness of humans- in this case, kindness of strangers. 

It goes like this. It was cold and rainy all last week here in Texas. The temps were in the 30’s and if it were Michigan, it would have been snow. I digress. My sensor for my tires goes off in my car. It shows the passenger front tire is low- like extremely low. However, glancing at it would not show this. I decided I would go to the gas station to pump some air into the tire. I went to the first station and I instantly knew it wasn’t a good idea. Pouring rain, my hands were freezing, the umbrella was blowing away and the air pump wasn’t working. Oh and this dude in a Mercedes sat in his car and parked in the spot next to me watching me which was really making me mad. 

So I went across the street to another gas station and thought I’d try again. Only this pump wasn’t working well either and I managed to actually deflate the tire until it was almost flat! Ugh! Also don’t forget the pouring rain and freezing temps! My umbrella blew away and I looked up and a man was returning it to me. He walked up and asked if he could help me put air in the tire since it now was flat. He then tried to put air in it and did not succeed either. He said he didn’t want me driving anywhere and then proceeded to get out my spare tire and change it for me in the pouring rain. I did my beat to hold an umbrella over his head but the wind didn’t let  me and he said he just came from the gym and didn’t mind getting wet. We talked. He said his name was Andy. Hi Andy, I’m Sandae. I told him I moved here from Michigan as we talked about the cold. He asked me why I moved to which I replied - I moved here for a job that just let me and a thousand other people go. He said you know, most people find this devastating, but I always find when something like this happens, something better comes out of it. 

He finished replacing the tire then I asked if I could buy him a coffee or anything else. I was so thankful that he helped me but I’m sure he was thankful for the opportunity. Don’t forget to pay it forward, I remind myself! 

So I take the tire to get it repaired and surprise, the tire is perfectly fine. It appears that the rain and cold may have set off my sensor. Better to be safe than sorry! Modern cars are wonderful until things like this happen to drive you crazy! 

Andy restored my faith in humans. Be more like Andy. But for sure, look for opportunities to help others around us! I get so tired of the people that drive me crazy while I’m driving or even those that you see doing other stuff on the news. Be aware of those in need around us and be sure to be their angel if the opportunity presents itself! 

So, onwards and upwards! I saw Black Panther and it was so amazing! I forgot to tell you all that last week! I already want to go back and see it again - it was that good! 

I’m reading a great book that I’m about halfway through- it’s called Station Eleven and it’s really good! I’d definitely recommend it! It’s a book about a flu that wipes out the population and what happens to those remaining. It really makes you think! 

Netflix has been pretty generic for me lately as I finished rewatching Parks and Rec series and began Friends again. But I did watch a few episodes of The Toys That Made Us and it is so good! I love learning more about the history of the toys and how they were created. It is incredibly interesting to me and I think you’ll all love it too! 

And are you listening to Atlanta Monster ? I can’t get enough and I really love hearing more about this story and all of the research that they do. This past week they talked more about all of the information that is in the vault or leads that didn’t pan out or things like that. It is really a great series! 

I’m also loving this dress from SheIn ! I  got it in the red as seen here but it also comes in black. Remember to do a little research when ordering with SheIn as sizing can be different sometimes. I’d advise looking at the model’s size and measurements and also looking at the measurements on the size chart. Make sure to take your measurements so you can get the best size! SheIn has some amazing pieces and you can use my code “curvygirl20” to get a discount on your order too! You can order this dress or anything else! 

Here’s a recap of a few outfits that were posted on Instagram this past week: 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. That was so nice of him to help you out. Now of days people don't like helping people out. When I was little my dad's car broke down in Detroit. This lady stop and let my dad use her cellphone. She told him the only reason she stopped was because he had me and my sister with him.

    The other day at walmart I gave a woman some baby food coupons that I wasn't going to use and she was so happy. She kept saying bless your heart. It put a smile on my Face.



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