WhatUp Wednesday #42

Hey everyone! Wednesday is here- hump day! Remember that commercial with the camel who said that? I don’t know why but I always think about that and I laugh and laugh. Anyways, I thought I’d catch you up to speed on what’s been going on with me lately. I’m still looking for full time work but I’m also getting stuff done while I’ve been off work. 

I don’t have tons to report on today but let me show you today’s outfit and the others from this past week! 

I call today’s look “ Glitzy Prep” because this plaid and sweater with ruffles is so preppy and pretty! Add the pink sequin boots for the glitz! This is from the Draper James for Eloquii collection! Its no secret how much I love Eloquii  I’ll link the pieces below for you to shop! 
There was an old truck parked where I take my pics so why not stand by it? I have no idea whose truck it is. (Insert shrug shoulders emoji here)! 

Shop the pants here 
Shop the sweater here 
Shop the boots here 

Here are a few more outfits from this past week:

So in my off time I’ve been watching way too much Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. I don’t always just sit and watch- I do things too but it’s been fun to have the time to actually do this! Below are some recommendations for you:

Netflix- you can’t go wrong with watching and rewatching The Office but when that gets boring, try something else! My love for crime who dunnit shows and how to solve cases has been really nurtured with the following shows: The Keepers , The Staircase , Making a Murderer season 2  and Evil Genius . I also rewatched CNN’s The Seventies , The Eighties and The Nineties . These shows are so interesting! And I finally watched Gaga: Five Foot Two which I thought was utterly fascinating. I had no idea the struggles she has! I also rewatched a couple of movies like Sex and the City and Julie and Julia

Oh and by the way, this has been over the last couple of months- not just this week! 

Hulu- I have no recommendations at this time since The Handmaids Tale is over. To be honest, I hate the commercials so I actually prefer the other two over Hulu. 

Amazon Prime Video- I am seriously crushing on the show Bosch  I watched all four seasons and the fifth season is coming in 2019. They also just announced that it was picked it up for a sixth season as well! Try not to fall in love and hate with the characters on this show! Don’t forget to watch Jack Ryan if you haven’t already! I still see him as Jim from The Office but he really is a badass agent. 

Speaking of bad ass, I am reading a new book and I couldn’t love it more. It’s called You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Live An Awesome Life  I’m loving the confidence that the writer has and her way of writing makes you feel like the suggestions she has will be helpful in achieving your goals. I highly recommend you grab a copy! 

The last thing I wanted to show you all is a new gadget that I received and have been playing around with. It’s called the KiiPix from Tomy and it allows you to print your pictures from your phone on to little poloroids! It’s so cute! I think it would be great for family gatherings or parties so your guests can leave with a momento. Because you don’t have to wait to print out pics, it’s a fun little memory to send home with them. I received it along with a roll of film which had 10 pictures on it. My son and I both used our phones to print out some of our favorite things. It basically takes a copy of the picture on your phone and then prints it on film. So cool! Here’s what the machine looks like and here’s some of the pics I printed! 

I’ve linked it here so you can shop! It’s also available on Amazon and other stores. 

I hope your week has been off to a great start! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Loving those plaid pants. I recently watched I'm sorry on Netflixs.


  2. oh,i like that earring, especially it's color, special and fashion
    mother of the groom dresses


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