WhatUp Wednesday #72

Well this has been a week! Is it Friday yet? It was only Monday and my son and I both said we were already ready for the weekend! Some weeks are just like that! 

We got our first snowfall accumulation on Monday and on the way to dropping my son off at school, I got rear ended. It wasn’t a big deal- it still isn’t a big deal. No one was hurt- a young girl didn’t stop in enough time and slid and hit me. The problem I had was when I called the police to file a report, her dad came at me and yelled and called names. Hmm no wonder she was crying, she was probably scared of what her dad would say. I was very kind to the girl and told her it was okay- you just never know what kind of damage you might have so it’s always best to have a police report. Stay safe out there friends! It’s been snowing a lot all across the country so be careful as you’re out and about! 

Now on to more fun stuff like fashion! Let’s check out outfits from today and the past week or so!

You can leave your hat on...I always think of this song when I’m wearing a hat! This is a Lularoe dress called the Emily. It’s fun with long sleeves and a v-neck and it has pockets! It fits like a Carly or a Jessie, in my opinion, and has lots of room- perfect for this time of year if you’re indulging in lots of treats! 

Dress- Lularoe
Hat- Amazon- you can shop it here 
Boots- No longer available 

The next two outfits are from Ulla Popken and I wrote about them and linked everything in yesterday’s blog post. You can read it here

I also showed off this new Fabletics set that I’m loving! It’s a three piece set including sports bra, leopard leggings and sweatshirt! Fabletics has an offer of two pairs of leggings for $24 when you join! 

Then there’s this pretty purple dress from Eloquii! I love the purple and the design in this dress! I also saw Aidy Bryant wear it on Saturday Night Live a week ago. I also love it with the purple coat since it matches perfectly!

You can shop the dress here 
You can shop the coat here 

The next look is from Lindy Bop. It’s a new to me brand and I love the two dresses that I got from them! I showed you one already but this one is adorable with fairies and woodland animals on it! I took a little side trip to Holland and took a pic with the windmill (of course!)  and I just love the way these turned out! 

You can shop the Lindy Bop dress here 
You can shop the boots here 

I tried a new to me place called Anna’s House this week. I went with my dad and had breakfast. He said it reminds him of a restaurant in California where celebrities go. I told him it reminds me of going to brunch places in Dallas. I told you we live in a small town area lol! 

I ordered the breakfast lasagna. It was pretty good although very rich with the cheese sauce on top. It was layers of eggs with tomatoes and spinach and who knows what other stuff in it and then the sauce on the top. It was served with hash browns that were crispy and delicious. I ordered the hazelnut coffee and put a little half and half in it but they did have all kinds of lattes including lavender! 

Here’s what’s happening in the world of entertainment: 

I watched Zombieland with my son this week. Wow that was quite a movie but it was semi funny amidst all of the nasty zombies so I guess that’s a win. There’s a new one out called Double Tap so just might have to see that when it comes to a streaming service near me...

I’ve been binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine and dying of laughter! Why have I not watched this sooner? I’m on season three and I literally think it gets funnier each episode! 

I finished reading Paper Ghosts and it was a super interesting read. It kept my attention the whole time and I couldn’t put it down! It’s a story about a girl whose sister goes missing and she thinks she knows who is responsible. She then manages to “check out” this accused serial killer from a halfway house and takes a road trip with him all across Texas trying to find answers. I would definitely recommend it! 

I’m reading The Twelve Tribes of Hattie now and I also am finding it to be very good and interesting! It’s an Oprah Book Club choice so it definitely doesn’t disappoint. I’ll let you know when I’m done reading it what I think. 

Other than that, I’ve been staying busy with substitute teaching and working on the blog and IG for you all! I’m trying to see what everyone likes and trying to get more content up for everyone that you all love! Feel free to leave any suggestions with topics or ideas! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



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