WhatUp Wednesday #73

I’m currently drinking wine with a full belly of fettuccine Alfredo and catching up on The Voice from this week. Life is good! But what’s up, friends? It’s Wednesday! If you follow me on Instagram, I was on stories talking about school today and wondering if some certain teachers (music) are meaner than others? Also pondering about the devil’s common core math. You should follow me over there- you really should! 

Today’s look is from LuvMeMore!  I’m kind of dying over the color combo that I came up with too! I love this chartreuse color and paired with this fun utility skirt? I mean, come on! This top is actually a bodysuit (!) but I love the tie detail that you can wear tied like I did or you can leave them untied and hanging. The skirt is really fun since it’s military colors and has a fun belt and slits on the sides. What do you think of this look? 

This rail car is actually in the back of a lot and I’ve used it a couple of times for pictures. I just go for it and take pics whether I’m supposed to or not. But I love the fun aspect of having a real rail car in a picture! 

You can shop the top here
You can shop the skirt here

This week I didn’t do a lot except for work. Nothing wrong with that, I just didn’t do a lot other than that! I did have book club last week where we discussed the book Paper Ghosts which I told you all was a mystery and I would totally recommend. It’s always nice to have a discussion and listen to other people’s points of view! 

Here are my outfits from this last week that you might have missed over on Instagram. A couple are new and some might be a different view of an outfit you might have seen before. At any rate, here they are: 

This set was gifted to me from Eve’s Temptations and I love it! 

This dress is from Esprlia and is so fun! 

I showed this on the blog on Sunday! This is one of the four outfits that I showed from Chic Soul. 

This is another Chic Soul look and I think this dress is amazing! 

Collaboration over competition. Liz and I are both showing off this fun zebra coat worn different ways! 

Still my favorite jumpsuit yet! This Anthropologie look is so cute and I love it with the leopard booties! 

I hope you’re all having a great week so far! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. That red dress is amazing.



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