The Bachelor Balderdash 01/20/2020

Well it's week three of this dramatic show called The Bachelor. It starts off with Hannah Ann crying that she is not a champagne stealer ( eye roll here for sure). Girls are sitting around crying to other girls and the whole mood is somber and so dramatic that I would swear we are at a funeral or Peter left the show for Hannah B or some other nonsense. 

In the midst of all of this, Victoria P. gets swept away for a 1x1 date with Peter. He picks her up in an old truck and they cruise through his hometown. He then takes her for a romantic date to the boot store- yes, to buy some boots- and then whisks her to the country nightclub for some daytime line dancing. He takes her to an airplane hangar to end the night for a romantic dinner surrounded by planes. She tells him her sad backstory- which I wonder if you need to have to be on this show? Anyways, her dad died when she was younger and her mom fell into addiction. She is now a nurse and has basically been a caretaker her entire life. She grew up in and out of shelters and said she had to be a rock for her mom and sister. She said she has never felt deserving of someone so he gave her a rose and they danced and of course made out. Oh and he said which plane is your favorite? So she climbs in her favorite plane with him and made out some more. He said she inspires him so much and showed him her heart and it just feels insanely right with her. Now, I am not trying to start anything but he does say a variation of this line to several girls this night.

Meanwhile, back in the house...Hannah Ann and Kelsey finally talk to each other. Kelsey feels that saying unkind words to someone isn't bullying...umm what? Anyways, Kelsey tells Hannah Ann that it's not about the champagne that she brought all the way from Des Moines, cuz she doesn't even like champagne. And this is when we see more of Alayah and some of the girls talking about her being fake.

Okay now it's time for another group date and this time these girls are invited: Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney and Alayah. They have one hour to get ready and then they head to a saloon. Demi from another season is there and she is in charge of this date. By the way, she woke the girls up by using a megaphone and hitting them with feather pillows. At the saloon, Demi divides them into teams to verse each other in a pillow fight in a ring with a mattress. Oh another by the way, the outfits were provided to the girls and they were various forms of nightwear.

Alayah and Sydney end up to be the finalists and Alayah wins by sitting on Sydney. Folks, I kid you not, this really happened. She gets crowned and gloats while all of the girls roll their eyes. 

As per the usual, they head to the after party at a hotel. Alayah asks Peter if she can kidnap him. He tells her he has a good feeling about her and how he connects with her and has so much hope for this.

Now another girl is with Peter and Sydney confronts Alayah and asks her if she has a job or if she works. Alayah brags about how she knows how to say and do all the right things because of her pageant training. She brags about always being a title holder and Sydney calls her out about being fake and that Peter is here for the real deal.

Meanwhile, our lovely little Peter is talking to Kelley and making out with her. Then Peter tells Tammy how much fun she is and they make out.  He then talks to Sydney and tells her how her heart shined through immediately and he really likes who she is. This is in response to Sydney telling him that she was trying to win the pillow fight for him. Aww isn't that sweet? But Sydney also tells him that she thinks there are fake people in the house and she just wants what is best for him.

Peter then comes in and addresses the group and says he thinks there might be fake people here or people here for the right reason and if there is, he doesn't want them here. He calls out Sydney and asks her to tell him who she thinks is fake and she says Alayah. He says to the group to be real and be yourself. (Words of wisdom for everyday life I think). 

Well now Alayah is so shocked by this and so blind sighted and she and Sydney argue about it for a while. Alayah goes and talks to Peter and he says he hopes he's not being fooled. Peter comes back into the group and doesn't want to continue the date. He gives Sydney a rose because she was honest with him and he peaces out.

Chris comes into the house the next day and tells the girls that Peter is going to come over for a pool party. Now all of the girls are wanting time with Peter but Sydney first and she basically tells him he needs to figure it out for himself. All of the girls are now coming to him and telling him they don't like Alayah. Alayah and Sydney battle it out and Alayah is so upset that her authenticity is being questioned. 

Madison has time with Peter and I still really like her for him. She might be my front runner. More making out and reminiscing about their first date and then he tells her he feels very confident about her.

Alayah is telling the girls she needs to connect with Peter. She asks if she can kidnap him (Again eye roll- I hate that she says kidnap). Anyways she tells him she has never had her authenticity questioned before and he tells her he doesn't want to have any doubts. He asks her if she sees why the other girls think she is not genuine and she says no.

He spends time with Victoria P and she tells him that she actually knows Alayah from the pageant circuit and that Alayah asked her to lie and tell producers that they didn't know each other. She tells him that Alayah is very open to other opportunities even if Peter is not her husband. I feel like we all kind of know this now about her and her need to be in the spotlight so this is not surprising to me at all.

Peter takes this information and asks to speak with Alayah again. He tells her that this is manipulative and Alayah assures him that she did this so it would not disqualify her and Victoria P. He left saying he has a lot to think about. 

Well now you did it ladies! Peter has to leave the pool party because he is so emotionally distraught about this. He will see all of the ladies at the rose ceremony that evening. Of course, the girls cry that they didn't have time with him. Poor Mykenna is the worst I think of the bunch.

Peter comes to the rose ceremony. It is so tough for him. He is so confused. He manages to hand out the roses to Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Natasha, Lexi, Madison, Shiann, Kelley, Kiara, Tammy, Savannah and Deandra. 

There are two roses left and he walks out. He walks out in the middle of the damn rose ceremony! Oh my goodness! He talks to Chris and Chris comes back in with Peter and removes one of the roses. He tells the girls there is only one rose left. Peter gives it to Mykenna. I am so glad she can rest easy now!

Okay well, that my friends was this week's dramatic episode! I am not sure what will happen next week but we do see that Peter tells Chris he doesn't know if he made the right decision and we do see Alayah come back. If it's to stay, I don't know! Tune in next week for my dramatic recap of the show that is The Bachelor.

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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