Valentine’s Day Shopping with Catherine’s

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Whether you have a sweetie or not, people celebrate it all sorts of ways! Pink cupcakes and cookies taken to work, heart shaped doughnuts, candy and cards in your kids classrooms- the thrill of love is in the air! 

I decided to go to the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids and look around for some unique gifts. I wore this fun outfit from Catherine’s and it definitely put me in the mood! 

I love this striped top with sequin hearts!  It’s such a fun top! I paired it with the red knit jeans and wide calf black boots. For accessories, I love these heart earrings and I’m even wearing matching socks

I looked around at a few places in the market. Love’s has some of the best treats around! I love their ice cream and they have a lot of fun boxed items that can be purchased as well! 

Aperitivo has some of the best things around- I mean, if you’re into cheese and deli stuff and jams and sauces...I could go on and on...

Spice Merchants has all kinds of fun things too! They have some beautiful salt lamps and things of that nature but they have tons of seasonings and rubs and teas and all kinds of stuff like this! 

High Tide Soda has some of the most unique flavors! You can also mix and match to make your own six pack! 

Sweetie-Licious is one of the cutest places in the market! They have a good variety of pies and cupcakes and all kinds of sweets for your sweetie! 

I had such a fun time looking around! 

I enjoyed a delicious charcuterie board and a glass of bubbly at Aperitivo once I was done looking around. It was wonderful! 

Whether you have a sweetie or not, make sure to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! Catherine’s also has all kinds of fun things to wear! 

You can shop my top here 
You can shop my pants here 
You can shop my boots here 
You can shop my earrings here
You can shop my socks here 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 




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