Joyful June Style: Days 23-30

It happened again. Another month came and went by so quickly! I really think that June flew by at super speed. It reminds me to take time to enjoy each day because looking back, it's hard to believe everything we did in thirty days! 

Well here is the last recap of the Joyful June Style challenge! Yet another week of perfect outfits and accessories from all of my Instagram friends! 

Day 23- Monochromatic Monday- I didn't post an outfit this day so I chose to feature two of my friends! I chose @borntoglitter_mrmccoy and @dontgothriftingwithoutme for their unique looks. I loved both of their shades of greens and pinks! Such great combinations! 

Day 24- Birds of a Feather- I chose this bright blue dress and a fun bird scarf I bought last year. I love birds on tees and scarfs and sweaters, etc. you get the point! It's such a fun theme! 

I chose @mythriftycloset365 for this day because I thought not only was her bird shirt cute, but it was perfect for a day at the zoo! 

Day 25- Lady in Red- I wore a tee shirt dress from J Crew Factory that I got last year on super clearance. It is so comfy and I dressed it up a little by wearing a heeled shoe but I've also dressed it down wearing sandals. It's so comfy- it's literally like wearing a nightshirt! 

I chose @bonmarchecouture for this day because I loved her look! I mean, come on, she is always so on point with her outfits and this one was no exception! 

Day 26- I Like Eyelet- I chose to wear my Old Navy navy blue eyelet dress and dress it up with some bright jewelry and a great bag. 

I chose two ladies for this day because I loved both of their looks so much! I love @mrslaneylou 's white dress and the turquoise accessories are just perfect! I also loved @teresahaney 's yellow dress with the scarf! 

Day 27- Perfect in Paisley- I called this outfit my mom on the go look. I was really busy and needed to be comfy yet cute while running errands and working. I also am in love with this bag from Jordana Paige! So cute and so functional! 

I chose @1mommachristine to feature for this day. I loved how she pulled her outfit together around her paisley skirt! 

Day 28- Put a Bow on It- This was my husbands birthday so I had an outfit for running around and then an outfit for the evening when we went to dinner. I loved the first one- so casual and fun and the second is just a plain maxi that I added a belt to. 

I chose to feature @vmberger for this day. She talked about how hesitant she is to mix patterns but she looks like a pro! I am loving all of her bow details too! 

Day 29- Feeling Fruity- For this day, I paired my fun pineapple tee from Loft with light brown patterned pants that I got from Kohls last year. I also completed the theme with gold flats.  

I chose @thecurvysoprano to feature for this day because I love her dress and her love of flattering and fun clothing! Another great dress, Jaimee! 

Day 30- I Made This! - I chose a floral skirt that I love and paired it with a graphic tee. I haven't worn this jewelry in ages yet I remembered everything about making it. I was in Florida visiting my sister and she and I went into a bead shop and found these beads. We went back to her house and I was able to make the necklace and bracelet with her assistance. 

I chose to feature @baird839 for this day for a couple of reasons. I love the necklace that she made and she talks about seeing it in a store for a lot more and then recreating it herself! Her outfit also looks great! 

So that's the rest of the Joyful June Style challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their outfits! Jumpin' July Style is now well underway and I am already seeing so many great looks! Can't wait to share them with you! 



  1. Wow, thanks for featuring me! I love how much variety there is in how people interpret these prompts.


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