Spring 2015 Trend: Culottes

Well, I finally have seen it all. Now I know what my mom meant when she said everything comes back in style. I'll admit I am not a fan of these things called culottes. Hear me out: if you know me, you know that I had to wear skirts and culottes growing up- no pants. I don't think I ever wore a pair of pants until I was in my 20's. Please please please do not take this as a dig on those that only wear skirts and culottes. I follow some beautiful girls on Instagram and on blogs that only wear skirts and dresses. I love their style and I also wear a lot more skirts and dresses because I am very comfortable in them. I also personally feel more confident in them as well but I do wear pants more during the colder months. I just want you to listen to my side of the story. 

When you are a certain age, you start to notice others around you and see that you are different. While I will be the first one to tell you that we are all unique and that you should be yourself, I will also tell you that it's not cool to be so different...you get what I'm saying...My husband and I have had multiple discussions about standards and convictions and we are both comfortable with the way I dress. I think growing up in strict Baptist churches, there was so much focus placed on what you looked like and what you wore that people sometimes got caught up in other things. People see what's on the outside and God sees what's inside. So please don't think I am anti-modesty or anti-Baptist, read what I am for and that is women embracing their shapes and dressing appropriately- whether you believe in wearing only dresses or not, we should always be a testimony as Christians. 

Here's a picture of me in the 8th grade wearing my basketball uniform...its a special Throwback Thursday edition of Curvy Girl on the Run! I hope this explains some of my anxiety! 

I think I'm hung up on them also because I am used to seeing a certain style that I refer to as "frumpy-dumpy". It's a long straight denim skirt or a pair of really full beneath the knee culottes with an oversized shirt- usually a tee that is too large or a button-down. It usually looks like you have put zero effort into getting dressed- some times looking like your clothes came from off the floor. You know what else is funny? I somehow always feel that they look at me like I am doing something wrong by looking put together. You know what I said the paragraph above about being a testimony? I know I personally would look at someone who was put together than someone who was frumpy dumpy to attend church with or to want what they have. 

So, enough about all of that. Back to our trend: culottes. You might wonder why I am even wasting my time on this topic but when I saw this picture, I literally almost cried and then laughed and then cringed, etc. So many mixed emotions! Now this picture is showing a model wearing a faux leather pair of culottes- we weren't even allowed to wear anything like this because it resembled gauchos and those were not good enough. We had to wear ones right below the knee and they had to be pleated and look like a skirt. 

I actually wanted to see what I would look like so I ordered a pair from Eloquii. I took a survey on Instagram to see if people said yay or nay to this new trend just by showing the picture above.  Most people said no and thought I was crazy for even suggesting this. There were some forward thinkers who said they would possibly wear them or they would wear them if the trend took off. Thanks to you if you answered my survey! 

So I got these beauties in the mail and decided to take them for a spin. I took some pictures of them wearing heels like the model and my favorite pink jacket. I'll admit that I like the results; however, the thrifty part of me thinks that I won't really wear them enough since it's too cold now and when it warms up, I probably won't want to wear leather. I wear heels when I go out but if I'm walking around, I usually change to flats. The problem I have with that is that these culottes cut off your legs so much that it makes you look shorter and larger. I've learned enough about style to know that you want a long, lean line- especially if you're like me and carry more weight in your bottom half. I think I'm just not ready to wear something that I used to be forced to wear. Confession: these have already been sent back. I decided that I just could not do it. I wish I could, but I'm just not ready. For that matter, I don't know that I will ever be ready...

Here are a couple of pictures in my outfit featuring culottes: 

What do you all think? Yay or nay? Did you ever wear culottes? Want to wear culottes? Hate culottes? I'd love to hear your feedback about this new spring trend. I've seen a couple of magazine articles with culottes featured as well as even some segments on television shows about culottes! Seems like they are definitely coming back whether we like it or not! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. I agree being LDS and leaving and then returning there are so many stereo types for our dress or appearance and no its not always easy being different trust me I can relate 100% We all set the standard that works in our home You do look gorgeous in them however! http://lachiquitamissi.com

  2. When I saw this outfit on IG I thought you looked amazing in them. I myself have several pair of gaucho pants and love those. But speaking of throwback childhood trends I hated as a teen. Skirts and body suits nope no way never again.


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