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I wanted to do a little different sort of post today for you all and focus on something that I love--stationery! I remember as a little girl going into the Hallmark store and picking out cards and stationery in the boxes. I also remember going to a regular stationery store (think Papyrus or something like that now) and being able to mix and match my papers and envelopes. Before you ask, yes I also nerd out about office and school supplies too! There's just something about the paper though that I love so much!

Stationery isn't used as often anymore as it used to be. Most people now send a note via text or email and the fine art of letter writing has truly been lost! We moved around a lot when I was younger and I remember waiting by the mailbox for letters from my friends! Or did any of you ever have pen pals? We would sometimes get those assigned to us at school or church and get to make another friend by mail!

I found this stationery site that I wanted to share with you all today called Basic Invite. They offer all sorts of stationery products like invitations, desk stationery, and holiday cards. I love the fact that they offer almost unlimited colors-like seriously, when I created my samples to share with you all, I could choose color after color after color. Okay well, it is over 180 colors but still that is so much more than you will see on other sites similar to Basic Invite.

Let me tell you what else I love about Basic Invite.  I actually got custom samples in the mail so I could use those and take some pictures. I always want to touch and feel and see products that I am recommending! I love that you can create something and then get a sample and try it before you buy it! There are also 40 different colors of envelopes so keep that in mind when you order your actual product! 

Christmas card season is upon us and Basic Invite is also an awesome place for holiday card needs! Whatever holiday you celebrate or even for Happy New Year's cards, this is a great place to get them as well. Want them to be even more special in foil? Basic Invite has that too! Foil holiday cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. Customers can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs.

Having a corporate party for the holidays? Basic Invite has corporate holiday party invitations as well. You can use them for other options like retirement parties, birthday celebrations,etc.I'm telling you that they have something for everyone! Even if you still need cheap photo Christmas cards  you can get those here too! There are over 500 Christmas and holiday card designs!

Now, let's take a look at a couple of pictures of the samples that I got:

am including some pics here of some of the invites and cards that they have available- they are all so wonderfully done!

If I sound like I am a big fan of Basic Invite  it's because I am! I got my items delivered well before the promised delivery date and I love everything I have gotten from them so far! I also want to be sure that I share a discount code for my readers and followers which is "holi30" - that is 30% off your order! Yesssss! 

Take a few minutes and run over and look at their site today! Use that discount code and get some unique cards and stationery! 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. Going to have to check this company out.



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