Sunday Style: Ho Ho Ho Holidays!!

I’ve spent today resting and doing a little house cleaning and taking a nap. It’s been glorious. I feel like this time of year everyone else is overworked and stressed out and I don’t want to be one of them! Someone needs to be grounded and have a level head when the others start acting a fool! 

Anyways, I thought I’d show you a few fun things and looks from the holidays so far. I must admit that I’m not really into the holidays- I don’t even have a tree- it’s a long story but one I’ll share if you ask! This year will be the third Christmas I’ve spent here in Dallas- the first one alone. It’s been interesting meeting people and getting to know the area and lucky for me, I’ve found some incredible people to spend lots of time with! I might wake up alone on Christmas this year but I’m actually looking forward to being on my own. It’s been a rough 2018 with job loss but emotionally and mentally, it’s been exhilarating to see where life has taken me and where I will end up in the future! 

Enough about all that- let’s show you some fun! I went to the Holly Jolly PopUp this last week for a VIP party and had a fun time dancing to the live DJ, having drinks and of course, taking lots of pictures! This is a fun place to pose with props and in different rooms-really, we know it’s all for the gram! I always like to go with a friend who can help take pics and people even had photographers with them as well! It was a fun night spent out laughing and just having a fun time with the camera! Here’s a few pics that I love from the night: 

Outfit from Eloquii! You can shop the sweater here and the skirt here

I also went to Fiction Coffee in Dallas which turns into a Christmas wonderland this time of year. It’s decorated inside and out and is such a fun cozy place to sip on some specially created drinks. I was able to get a table (it was super busy and not a lot of room) which was nice and enjoy the Falala Latte that I got! It’s so fun served up in a reindeer mug and so tasty! It was unlike any drink I’ve had before! I didn’t get to sit or take pics near the window but there is a tree and a fireplace that just makes the place homey enough to not want to leave. Hence the no pics because people didn’t  want to leave...Check out the pics below to see the menu and the ambiance: 

Outfit from Ashley Stewart. You can shop the dress here and the faux fur jacket here

I’ve also gone to a couple of holiday parties this year and had a nice time at both! Last week I went to a party at my former coworker’s house and it was fun getting to catch up with people! I also loved their “signature” drink which was Sprite Cranberry and vodka. So delicious! The food and atmosphere was great! 

Sweater is from And Layered and can be purchased here. Sequin pants are from Ashley Stewart and can be purchased here

I went to another party last night and also had a fantastic time! Sometimes I wonder how I’ll feel going to parties alone but then I get there and enjoy myself- maybe even more than if I was with someone! It’s always a weird feeling to go alone into a restaurant or a class or a new job or whatever and not know anyone. You’re by yourself and you hope you make a good impression or if you’re like me, you hope you don’t do anything dumb like fall down or something lol. I ended up talking the night away laughing about Seinfeld and The Office and made new friends. Amanda set out a beautiful spread and she had a fun bartender who made her signature drink “A Grand Entrance” which was amazing! Overall it was a fun night! 

Outfit is from Maree Pour Toi and you can shop the jacket here and the pants here. You can also use my code SandaeMPT20 for a 20% off discount! 

So I don’t typically do a lot this time of year but when opportunities arise, I’m trying to say yes more often. You don’t have to be a ho ho ho when you’re single, but try to say yes to new things and new adventures! I’ve been having fun and meeting a lot of people and doing things both alone and with family and friends. I’m looking forward to the new year and new possibilities. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me! 



  1. I had a lazy Sunday as well. It was so what I needed to get rid of my cold.


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