Leopard and Bows and Stripes: Oh My!

On Sunday I was looking for an outfit to wear to church. I like to dress up a little more on Sundays because I spend most of the week in casual clothes since I work from home. I decided to pair my favorite bow tee with a striped skirt from Loft. Earlier in the year, it seemed like everyone had a black and white striped skirt but me! I love the look but never found the skirt I liked- until this one. It's brown and black so it's perfect for me in the Michigan fall and winter.

I added a belt (also from Loft) and a black bag. I also decided to wear a sweater since it was a little chilly still.

I also decided to add another pattern with the leopard pumps. Subtle but fun! Remember my article about pattern mixing?

It was an easy and fun outfit! 

Thanks for reading and following along! 



  1. hey girl I am so inspired by your fashion and how you put your outfits and jewelry pieces together you rocked it and the patterns you know how to work it I been looking and viewing your lil articles describing each OUTFIT YOU created and put together. hope to see you soon and come stop by and visit me again I am so excited to view and get some ideas on how you put clothing pieces together you need to be on tv foreal the look for less on fashion network or how do I look ? lol giving makeovers you put the simplest outfits together where they look like there worth a ton oh and I want your necklaces I want to do a necklace haul now lol this is Kelly from target the cashier that admired your necklace :) see you around


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