Why I will miss What Not to Wear on TLC

Shut the front door! it cant be over! As you may or may not know, I love the show What Not to Wear that airs on TLC on Friday nights. It was here that I discovered the four elements an outfit should have: color, pattern, texture, shine. It was here that I discovered that you really do have to try it on- not just turn your nose up at it while its on the hanger. It was here that I discovered the type of jeans that were right for my body shape. And it was here that I heard Stacy and Clinton tell female contributors that they needed to "keep the girls locked and loaded."

This show has been around for ten seasons and has been a joy to watch. It's been cool to see how confident women become after they learn to dress themselves and have a hairstyle and a makeup routine that is fast, easy and manageable. It's also been cool to see the hosts themselves exude confidence and authority as they are making over women and literally changing lives. I love that Stacy chose to keep her gray streak in her hair as if slapping the world in the face saying " I don't care what you think of it!".

While I have not been so fortunate as to have had the opportunity to be on What Not to Wear (maybe that's a good thing), I and millions of others have benefited from this show being on television. I have had the pleasure of meeting Clinton while visiting his other show, The Chew. Here's a picture that we took together. And yes, he is as handsome and charming in person as he is on both of his shows.

This show has given me the confidence personally to look presentable and take some fashion risks. I also love that they have shown us that you can be a mom on the go or a working mom and not look frumpy-dumpy. Wear a belt, carry a real bag, wear some jeans and not yoga pants! These are just a few things that will make you stand out and let people know that you have it together(or if you don't, at least you look like you do). 

So, here's to you Stacy and Clinton for an amazing ten seasons. I will be watching your last show tonight along with the rest of America who loves you. I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you will continue to style us through some other venue. 



  1. I know! I will miss this show so much. How lucky you got to meet Clinton!

    1. I will too! Thanks for reading Heather! I appreciate your support!

  2. Hi there! Just popping in over from instagram! I so agree!!! I love What Not To Wear. It's funny that you said this because literally yesterday I watched like six hours straight of this on netflix randomly! I think that it's a great resource for fashion tips for all types of women with all types of bodies! I love it.

    Marie H.

    1. This is one show that I never get tired of! It seems like I always learn new things too!


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