Because Sometimes Fridays Need Some Sparkle

I don’t normally do a blog post on Fridays, but sometimes, I just have to show you all things that make me happy.  Last week I posted about this leopard faux fur vest and how I can’t get enough of it! Did I mention my husband bought it for me for Christmas? It makes it that much more special.

I am doing a challenge this month, which is more like a guide, for something to wear on each day during the month.  I will admit that I love these challenges because they truly help me to plan and think outside of the box when it comes to my outfits.  I love to mix and match things and take risks and these challenges help me to think about things differently.

The challenge this month is from More Modern Modesty. I love Chandra and her blog and her outfits that she puts together.  You can check out her blog here www.momomod.comChandra is also very creative and was thoughtful enough to put together a list for us for January.  I will also admit that I do not wear dresses and skirts everyday but what I do wear looks modest and age-appropriate while having fun or expressing my creativity.

For today’s challenge, it was to wear your favorite color.  If you have seen me or seen any of my pictures, you know I love color.  I don’t think you will find me wearing all neutrals unless if I am not feeling well! One of my favorite colors is a bright pink and this sweater is such a favorite of mine.  Guess what! My husband also bought this sweater for me one day after work after I told him how much I loved it and the gold sequin elbow patches!

I decided to pair the sweater with other favorites of mine and I will tell you that this might be one of my all-time favorite outfits! I love polka dots and this shirt that I got on major sale from the Gap a while back is so cute with the pink and occasional red polka dot thrown in.  I couple this with the sweater and this gorgeous faux fur vest, my favorite skinny jeans and my favorite boots and I am so in love! I also ordered this fabulous necklace from Ameera Noor through and I love the pearls and the extra sparkle that it brings! Check out their website here for more styles .

So, Fridays need some sparkle now and then. Today I had a lot of meetings and my 2013 annual performance review was due along with all of the other tasks that are assigned to me.  Sometimes the clothes we wear help us to feel better and have a positive outlook on life. I find that if I am wearing something that makes me happy, I am happier with myself and my colleagues and I seem to be more productive.  Bottom line: wear what makes you smile! And sometimes even Friday needs some sparkle!

Enjoy these pics! 

Have a great rest of your Friday!



  1. Get your sparkle on! :)
    I hope your meetings and performance review went well.

    I'm a faux fur fan; Target currently has a faux fur cardigan/vest, and I want it!! Where did your husband buy your vest?

    More Modern Modesty

    (Also, thanks for the shoutout! That was so cool to read, Sandae!)

    1. Yes I definitely got my sparkle on yesterday! I love the vest that Target has! I could never find it in store or online and I found this one at Banana Republic when I was out shopping one day. You're welcome for the shout out- I'm glad I found you! Enjoy your weekend!


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