Thrifted Thursday: Houndstooth

First of all, I have to tell you that I haven't always loved thrift stores. The smell sometimes gets to me and I am overwhelmed by the stuff that the stores have. I cannot believe some of the stuff that people donate because when I look at it, I see stains, holes, tears, etc. I am saddened that stuff like this gets put on the racks for others to purchase. This is typical in your larger thrift stores but not the smaller consignment stores. 

That being said, I also cannot believe some of the stuff that people donate! It's name-brand and in great condition! I know you really have to weed through the racks and it can be a tedious process, but it can really pay off! 

I like to go to thrift stores on a day off of work by myself and take my time looking. I generally look by color and by pattern. I look by color and pattern because if I am visually interested in the piece, I imagine it will be a great piece to wear. I search high and low all of the racks in case I missed something! 

I will admit that I won't pay tons of money for something thrifted unless if I happen to really love the piece and it is good quality. I am by nature a bargain shopper and this applies to pre-owned items as well as to new items. 

Today's momod challenge is something thrifted. I found this houndstooth skirt at a Salvation Army store and immediately fell in love with it. There is no tag in it and no size listed, so I tried it on in the fitting room and loved it! It must have been made for me! I am copying a look that I saw someone (Trendynerds) on Instagram wearing and am mixing an Old Navy black plaid with the houndstooth. I'm still loving my Banana Republic pink sweater with the gold sequin elbow patches too and thought this would look great together! It's also another day of tights and black booties from Kohl's as it is so cold here still! Top it off with some accessories and my Phillip Lim for Target bag and I call it a day! Such a fun and easy outfit! 

I'm loving that I saved money on the skirt and the other items were purchased last year. I'm still doing great at my 2014 Closet Remix Challenge and haven't spent a penny on myself! 

I made a little arm party with a gifted crystal bracelet and this cute buckle bracelet from Kiwi Circle. 

What do you all think of making this a weekly post? Do you like thrift store shopping? What kind of stores are the best? What kind of items have you found? 

Happy Friday Eve! 



  1. Too cute, Sandae! It's always fun to see what you are wearing, and I look forward to your posts!

  2. I've gone to goodwill stores and found 3 gems, nothing great. I've been reading up in thrifting and mapping some stores where I work but have not ventured out. I love finding A brand named purse for $5.

  3. I actually LOLed when I read your first two paragraphs! Thrifting can be MIND BOGGLING! Really? Someone actually DONATED this arm pit stained shirt...and the store put it out to resale? Or... OH! MY GOSH! Someone donated this BRAND NEW WITH TAGS J. CREW SWEATER, and the store is selling it for $3?!

    hahaha Sigh. Thrifting. Yes, the smell can totally get to you, the overpacked racks can be overwhelming, and some things can be disgusting.

    I thrift for the moments you mentioned--the items that seemed to be waiting just for you! That houndstooth skirt is adorable, Sandae! You've got great style!

    More Modern Modesty


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