Sunday Style: Faux Fur

I'm back to writing my weekly Sunday Style post now that Style Me December is over! 

I recently discovered the faux fur trend and my love for wearing it! I never bothered to try this before but this year I decided to go out of my comfort zone and give it a spin. I was looking for a vest that was light brown but really couldn't find one that I loved. Then I found this leopard print faux fur vest at Banana Republic. I loved this one because it was different and had a pattern and would look good with solids or prints. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and this weather is the perfect time to use it! (While I am writing this article on Sunday, this look was from yesterday when it was actually sunny and not snowing here!)

I paired the vest with a monogram sweater from Old Navy and a plaid from there as well. I also wore my favorite pair of skinny jeans and riding boots. For a little bit more glam, I also added my favorite statement necklace from very Jane. I also am carrying the taupe satchel from Phillip Lim for Target. It was a simple and fun look for me and was perfect for our outing to the movies and dinner with friends! 

Here are some of my favorite pics of this outfit. Enjoy! 

I just can't get enough of this vest! I will be wearing this a lot more, especially with the 2014 closet remix challenge that I am doing! How else would you wear this vest? I have some other ideas planned, but would love to hear yours! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for reading and following along! 



  1. You look absolutely wonderful! Everything is perfect from the layers, the fur vest and the bling. A fur vest was always something on my wishlist, but never found one that I loved. If I had a fur vest I would like to layer it over a dress with some tights and boots. I will live vicariously through your fur vest since I am doing the 2014 closet remix challenge too :) Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Heather! I appreciate that! I got the black one back In November with Kohks cash and got this one for Christmas so I'm set. However, I struggled to find one I liked for a long time! When I looked for one, they were usually sold out! I'm liking the idea of dress and tights- I actually have a black wrap dress that I thought would look nice with it or a purple one.

  2. You are absolutely stunning in this vest and I love it and you look so happy and ready for the closet remix ;)))) good luck girl and I can't wait to see a ootd with this baby and dress wish me luck on that necklace this my second entry on here for extra credit and I repost necklace pic today as well #curvygirlgiveaway1


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