Forty Before Forty: Taking Risks

So a weird title for something that I did, right? I checked a few things off my list recently and thought I'd share a couple with you in this post. 

Have you ever been told that you need to take more risks in your life?  I'll admit that I might be a little "vanilla" at times, but I like to have a routine and I like to play it safe. I often stay in my comfort zone and don't try new things. My husband has always told me that I'm afraid of everything. While I don't necessarily see things the same way all the time, there is an element of truth to this. I shared this with another friend of mine who didn't necessarily think this was the case with me. She pointed out areas that I had taken risks like pursuing and completing my MBA while I was pregnant or traveling for all of these years, etc. 

Fast forward to being thirty-nine (hence the forty before forty list) and finally starting to feel comfortable with who I am. I decided that on this list, I needed to take some risks (albeit small) and try some things I had never done before. Keep in mind all three of these things were done within a week! I'll start with the scariest one of all and that was Ziplining! 

Now never in a million years did I think I could ever do this. It is scary climbing up all of the steps and then having to actually be the one who jumps from the platform! I wish you all could see the video and the hesitation of me not wanting to jump. My friend yelled up to me to scream because it would make me feel better and it sure did! 

This Ziplining place was at the campground where we went last week and I saw it last year when we were there as well but didn't go. I asked many times if it was safe and every time the workers responded that it was. On the platform I had a conversation again about it and was told yes, it was safe. Let it be known that I actually asked them to push me off and they wouldn't do it. I'm sure it was for liability purposes but you know, it had to be done totally on my own! 

Here's some pictures of this adventure:

Another item I was able to complete while there at the campground wasn't even on my list, but I tried it anyways. I did rock wall climbing! I think I would go back and try this one again because I was so scared of falling off the zip line that I wore jeans and wasn't really wearing stretchy enough pants to climb easily. I certainly didn't make it up that far, but I took a chance and did it anyways! I was proud of myself for even attempting this! I will tell you that the next day my shoulders, arms and hands hurt from trying to pull myself up. I need to work on more upper body strength! 

Here are some pics from the climbing: 

Last but not least, I tried a new exercise class. I did this activity first while I was in Charlotte last week. A coworker has been working out doing kickboxing for a few months and a few of us had the opportunity to join her while we were there. 

This workout was a beast! It was way more intense and was really hard! One hour crept by when it was hard but you got so involved in it that it was over before you knew it. I ended up having to purchase gloves because I didn't have any and they didn't rent them. I think that's a good thing because I have already looked up classes in my area and plan to try this one again. It was especially great to take out  some aggression on that punching bag! 

Here are some pics from the kickboxing class: 

So a few more things that I have tried and even liked! This list is really starting to be fun as I am doing things I have either never done or haven't done in a long time! I am enjoying living life to the fullest and even taking some risks here and there. 

Thanks for reading and following along with me!



  1. yea on the ziplining, no way in H**L you'd catch me doing that

  2. Yea for knocking some things off your list. I don't think I could do the zip line.


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