Joyful June Style: Days 8-15

Once again I am amazed at all of the beautiful and creative outfits that I am seeing during this month's style challenge! A lot of you know that I was out of town all week and didn't really have a lot of pictures taken while I was gone. My friend took a picture of me one day while we were walking in uptown Charlotte but other than that while I was gone, you'll just have to trust me that I dressed up and followed my own challenge! 

Day 8- Polka Dots- I wrote about this in my Sunday Style post that I don't wear polka dots that often. I don't know why since I do like them and they are a lot of fun! 

I chose to feature @sassymotherhood for this day. This polka dot dress is so cute and her outfits are always right on point!

Day 9- Mint To Be- Mint seems to be fairly popular the past couple of years and is a great color addition to any wardrobe. I happen to love this mint cardigan that I picked up at JC Penney earlier in the year and find that it goes nicely with a few things in my closet! 

I chose to feature my friend Carmen @cims39 for this day. I love the necklace and tee together and Carmen always has awesome outfits for a mom on the go! 

Day 10- Heels High As Heaven- I didn't snap a picture this day so I am choosing two people to feature. 

I chose @marseeyadawn and @mythriftycloset365 to feature for this day. There were so many pictures of high heels and I applaud all of you who wear shoes like this on a daily basis! These shoes that these two are wearing are hot! 

Day 11- Ebony and Ivory- I dressed up this knit dress that I found on clearance at the Gap outlet with a  striped jacket from Loft. I am wearing flats here as this is after work and before walking to the ballpark to watch a Charlotte Knights game. 

I love how @aliteg spoke about mixing in some color with black and white as well as some elements of surprise. This makes the outfit so unexpected when you pair something together like a floral skirt and a spike bracelet. 

Day 12- Coral Cutie- Coral is actually one of my favorite colors and sadly, I did not get a picture taken on this day either! I'm choosing two coral cuties to feature for this day! 

I chose to feature @msemilyread and @pennsylvania_prep_girl for this day's challenge. Two great examples of how coral can be worn in outfits whether professional or casual! Both are great looks! 

Day 13- School's Out for Summer- I hope you all were singing the song as you were getting dressed on this day! My son had to make up a snow day or this would have been his last day of school! 

I chose to feature @cherryryan and @doingdivaonadime for this day. I don't think their outfits (and they!) could get any cuter! I love the playfulness in both of these outfits and they truly look like they are off to a good start of summer! 

Day 14- Hats Off To You- I mentioned a while back that I wasn't sure that I was a hat person but I'll admit that they are starting to grow on me! When I returned from my business trip, we packed up and went camping for the weekend. Here's my hat picture while relaxing by the pool- don't worry, I used plenty of sunscreen! 

I chose @polishedwhimsy for this day because I love the look of her in this hat! So cool and vintage! 

Day 15- Pinterest-Inspired- I think every style challenge I do has a Pinterest-inspired theme day. I think it's one of the most creative ways to dress and especially helps those that need assistance in styling a particular item or just getting ideas. My latest Sunday Style post showcases this outfit and talks all about the car show that we went to for Father's Day as well. 

I chose to feature @myoverstuffedcloset for today's look. She is spot on with the recreation of this pin and I love the color palette! 

That wraps up this second week of the Joyful June Style challenge! All of the looks were so awesome! I challenge you to get inspired by looking through the hashtag #joyfuljunestyle and recreate your own looks and post them there as well! Remember in order to be featured, you have to use the hashtag and be following me. FYI- I can't  see your pictures if you're private. No worries- play along anyways! 

I can't wait to see all of your looks this next week! 



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