Sunday Style: Skirting the Issue with a Side of Pineapple

Weird title for my Sunday Style post today, right? Let me explain. Today starts the beginning of the Joyful June Style Challenge and the theme is Skirting the Issue. Naturally I'm wearing a skirt today but a couple of my friends on Instagram also decided that since pineapples are the new thing and that June 1 should be Pineapple Shirt Day. I know, I know it is funny that I would let Instagram dictate what I should be wearing; however, I really didn't have an outfit picked out prior to seeing that we should wear pineapples so I decided why not? 

I actually bought this tee shirt from Loft Outlet back in April and wore it before with a cardigan and jeans. I love remixing my clothes to make them go farther so why not wear it with a skirt and create a new look? 

I'm pairing it with this navy blue pleated skirt from J Crew that I got a while back. I didn't have a navy skirt in my closet other than my sailor skirt so I thought it would be a good investment. I'm wearing the lace up wedges that I got from TJ Maxx and carrying the clutch that is from Francesca's.  At the last minute, I put a belt on the outfit and I am so glad I did! I bought this belt from Loft a couple of years ago and I think it really helps to pull the outfit all together. 

I don't know that I would have ever paired these items together but I love the outcome! I think the tee dresses down the skirt so it's not so formal looking. I can wear the tee with shorts or jeans and wear the skirt dressed up for work as well. The pineapple print on the tee is quirky and a fun addition to my closet. Have you ever mixed up clothing items like this before? Isn't it fun? 

Enjoy these pics from today's outfit:

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 



  1. I'm in love with everything about your outfit. I also like that the fruit trend is coming back again.

  2. Looking good, Sandae! I always look forward to your posts!


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