WhatUp Wednesday #16

Well, fall will finally be here in North Texas for a couple of days this weekend! Expected highs on Friday and Saturday are in the 50’s. I fully expect to see people coming into work on Friday bundled in their down coats and knee high boots and gloves. Tis the season!

I am just excited that I can wear some longer sleeve things and some darker colors. I loved the fall in Michigan because it was cool and crisp and the time for apple picking, football and chili. The leaves would change and you could see your breath in the morning. You better believe I will be sitting here watching Michigan football and eating chili this weekend! I think I also might try my hand at making some apple butter as well!

Well, darker colors and long sleeves were definitely represented in this dress that I wore today! I love the new Girl With Curves collection that is available exclusively through Dia&Co. Click the link to the right to get more information and sign up for your box today!

I took the opportunity to take these pics a little bit ago when my son and I discovered this beautiful bridge and water fairly close by us! I love the background and I hope you love this dress as I do too!

I honestly don’t have a lot to really say is up this week! I have really enjoyed my nights relaxing and catching up on television shows and reading. I did finish the book Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult and I loved it. It was a long book but the story held my attention until the end. I wanted to know how the trial would turn out and I liked all of the characters in the book.

Here is a roundup of my outfits posted on Instagram this week:

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! Thanks for reading and following along with me!



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